News about a global economic slump are everywhere you turn, in both the mainstream and the alternative media.

Try telling this to the kids living in the town of Arcadia, California which has gained the nickname of “the Chinese Beverly Hills”.

Peggy Fong Chen sells high-priced real estate in Arcadia, mostly to buyers from mainland China. The majority of her clients pay for these multi-million dollar homes in cash.

Many Chinese billionaires buy these homes, along with exotic cars for their children, who attend American colleges.

Others infamously use these mansions to house their mistresses.

Whatever their reasons may be, the Chinese elite are buying up American real estate to the tune of $22 billion – in 2014, alone.

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  • They say that we see in others as faults, those faults that are within us….. I applaud the wonderful way that the consciousness has uplifted for those to be concerned about all people on earth
    And delight in your protection. The danger is to apply prejudice
    To things that are presented as neutral…factual..
    This article to me could have said anyone to me and I would have
    Thought…Oh interesting new neighbors not prejudice . Just news.

  • I am a Jamaican born living in the United Kingdom and as a chiid growing up had a lot of Jamaican born Chinise friends their parents were hard working and they themselves have turned out to be just like their parents. Anywhere in the world the chinise settle they always integrate in the community and work hard to build it. So Lay off the Chinise, go pick on someone else. By the way I am a black Jamaican and proud of it.

  • I don’t see the point in running this? There are billionaires from most countries buying up land and housing everywhere, there is no personal backstory of any of the players, no real commentary on what point your trying to make, than would be different for billionaires from anywhere, or outrage, fanfare, or reasons why you would consider this ” Forbidden Knowledge”?

  • This article is entirely racist!

    Iam amazied to read this cheap type of slanderous yellow journalism. Chinese have been exploited by the western world for hundreds of years. Millions of their people have been slattered during the many wars which have left them pennieless. They finally were able to seperate themselves from the western political economic system and thus their journey to economic and political independance began. They create jobs and wealth for the super rich here in America.

    This article is distasteful and lacks character it condems a race of people which have spent generations building their wealth.

  • Chinese have made houses in Auckland out of reach for most NZs, plain ordinary average house over Million dollars,rents have risen to unaffordable levels as well.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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