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    by Greg Reese

    Climate Denier, Racist, NAZI, and Antisemitism, are words that have been exhaustively misused to psychologically beat people into a submission of shame. It is a human-control technology that works on many people.

    When you point out the facts which expose the man-made global warming theory as a hoax, you are called a Climate Denier or a Science Denier. We are expected to trust the science even if it doesn’t scientifically add up. The group mind has been conditioned to look down upon those who question the official narrative. And the word Denier, or Denial, has been made into a curse. This deceptive word play, along with the term ‘Hate Speech’, both stem from the Holocaust Denial trials of the 1980s

    In 1983, the founder of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, who was a holocaust survivor, filed a private complaint against German-born citizen, Ernst Zündel, before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. In 1984, the Ontario government joined the criminal proceedings and Zündel was charged of spreading false news by publishing the book “Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth At Last.”

    He was not making claims that the Holocaust did not happen, just that, it did not happen as we were told. The main argument was simply challenging the number six million. Many others have worked out the math and concluded that six million would have been impossible based on multiple logistical factors.

    The charge against Zündel alleged that he knowingly published a false statement intended to stoke racial intolerance. He was found guilty by two juries but was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1992 who ruled it was a violation of the guarantee of freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But in 1995 Ewald Althans got three and a half years’ imprisonment in Germany for asking this same question.

    From a logical perspective, discussing observable reality should not be so emotionally offensive. But Zündel was a fan of Hitler and was surrounded by extreme Neo-NAZIs so there was no sympathy for his persecution. And the term Holocaust Denier became the absolute worst thing anyone could be charged with.

    Zündel left Canada and moved to the United States. In 2003, Germany issued a warrant for his arrest. US authorities arrested him for violating immigration rules and deported him to Canada where he was tried, found guilty, and given the maximum sentence of five years in prison for violating the Volksverhetzung law in the German penal code which bans incitement of hatred. This quickly evolved into the term “Hate Speech” and those paying attention could see that this would soon be used against anyone the government wanted to silence.

    The Zionist government, who funds and operates Hamas under the Mossad maxim; By way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War, is openly calling for the genocide of all Palestinian people under the banner of their god. Are we still bad people for asking logical questions based on observable facts?

    The number six million has been ritually used by Zionists since their official beginning in the late eighteen hundreds, decades before the Holocaust. It obviously means something. Six million is a six followed by six zeros. And so it can represent sixty-six. Sixty-six is also two-thirds. The Hebrew prophet Zechariah wrote that two-thirds of the nation of Israel will be cut off and die. Many believers of biblical prophecy believe that this mass blood sacrifice is necessary in order for their messiah to return.

    The Zionists seem to be no friend of the Jewish people, but by simply showing this information, many of you are triggered into thinking I am an antisemite, a racist, or even a NAZI! And yet all I am doing is reporting on the unbiased scientific inquiry that people have had for decades in the pursuit of truth.

    Mind control is a real threat and we are all affected.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • David Irving has been intellectually crucified for the same showing the facts
      And the real deniers and centers of misinformation are in London and Washington and Berlin and Israel mainly

    • Recently, I looked up “psychology of ad hominem attacks” on different search engines, I kept finding articles on articles on how to justify ad hominem attacks; since when did such attacks become “righteous?”

    • Ernst Zundel was a hero and gentleman. There is a video of an Israeli reporter coming to interview him, trying to expose Zundel as a liar; but Zundel deflects him with facts adeptly, and keeps his humor and composure. Wish I were as centered as him but I get angry.
      Garden Party comment below: “If one believes the bible is the true word of the one and only creator of the entire Universe, then one is a Zionist, by default.”
      NOT SO. Many orthodox Jews say the founding of Israel is against their teachings. It was secular, funded by Rothschild, and other Brit nobility who believe they are the true lost tribes! But also…it was OIL. Get control.
      Brits were losing WWI and desperately needed USA to come in on their side. They made a deal that if American Jewry would get US into the war, …which they did…then the reward was the Balfour giveaway. See Alison Weir’s book: Against Our Better Judgment.
      And if you don’t understand the hypnotic lies about the “6 Million” and adjacent tales, go to

    • I am not a fan of the killers of Christ, but I have NO tolerance for Islam, as there is no more violent religion, literally zealous to kill all who are not them, so I say, “So what? Let them have at each other!”, we should have no hand in their dispute, as at this point, as a Christian nation, it’s not our fight, but we should bring down all Hell to those who attempt to bring it here!

    • I was listening to Zechariah for some reason I thought I don’t have much of the minor prophets memorized anymore…
      I want to be able to tell someone if there’s anything left when these people are done.

    • Have you viewed any of the numerous videos of Jewish rabbis using Old Testament bible scriptures to justify the ongoing genocide of Palestinian civilians? Here are a few in this video.
      Yesterday, the Jerusalem Post published an article entitled, “Yes, anti-Zionism is antisemitic”
      If one believes the bible is the true word of the one and only creator of the entire Universe, then one is a Zionist, by default.

    • Alexandra,

      — Mossad = Talmudism = Khazarianism = Brutalitarianism —

      Israel adopted the Talmud as its STATE-Religion in 2021 (( or
      was it 2022 ? )).

      No irony there ?, as Israeli Jews with dual U.S. citizenship
      stripped America of its FOUNDING Christian religion—by
      arguing ( falsely ) for separation of church and state.

      Go figure !

      “Khazar” explained :


    • I wake up angry mulling over all the lies we are told about everything in our reality. Nothing is the truth. Our heroes were all murdered and the their deaths were explained away by the likes of Cronkite and life went on. 9/11, Hamas, anti semitism is all part of the lies I can’tl list. It would take too much time..

      Black magic is a powerful thing. it got wasted on me, but what about the rest of the world that’s watching the World Series?

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