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    Greg Reese is once again is getting at the core of a vital issue in his latest video about the announcement by the House Judiciary Committee of their sweeping action against Silicon Valley’s tech giants. These are the largest companies in the known history of humanity by market capitalization and their unprecedented power is forcing an update of Anti-Trust law.

    Anti-Trust law came into being during the 19th century when it was found that monopolies stifle the competition, thus hurting the free flow of innovation and causing all of society to suffer. Google, along with other Big Tech companies could be accused of this and worse, because not only are they destroying the competition but they have become stridently political.

    Domestically, the tech giants have aggressively demonetized and de-platformed users whose political views run counter their corporatist Globalist ideology. Abroad, they’re helping authoritarian regimes suppress their own people.

    The tech giants have not only been destroying the innovation of products, they are destroying the innovation of ideas. The Internet has been the most disruptive technology ever known and these tech companies are trying to control it for themselves and whomever they serve. This is about to change!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • How brilliant a strategy to piss off and alienate yourself from 50% of your possible audience.

      Stroke of genius from these master strokers.

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