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Forum Borealis is back with a fourth installation of Clif High speaking with host Al about Antarctica, with details ranging from the sublime to the mundane.

I’ve set it to about an hour into the interview, when things start to get interesting. Clif and Al discuss their contacts in the Southern Hemisphere, in New Zealand, Tasmania and South America, all of whom have observed increased activity of large cargo planes operating out of public and restricted air fields and/or secret bases, which are believed to be supplying bases in Antarctica.

Clif says he’s been corresponding with a Brazilian trucker since 2002, who ships a product that’s sold at shops along a 1,800 km route where Brazil borders with Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, in a circuit that he makes twice every 45 days. This sales rep has been reporting staging bases in all four countries that are controlled by the US and the UK, with 747s, C-130s and rented Antonovs laden with supplies.

Clif says of the driver, “He knows this because he’s been doing this route for…a 15 or 18 year period of time and he also notices the effect of the number of personnel at those bases on his sales in those local bodegas, because he provides product [preferred by] the American and British personnel [staying at these staging bases]…he knows when there’s been an influx of new people in the bases because…these bodegas get stripped clean of this product, so he has to refill it at a faster rate. This is good for him. His business goes up, his numbers go up…”

For over 15 year, the trucker has very consistently described “airfields, as well as big steel buildings for hangars and repairs and operations and…he’s reported to me a couple of times being slowed down because he got stuck behind long fuel convoys, where there were quite literally 30 and 40 and 50 trucks, that he used to think they were carrying Diesel and gasoline but now we both believe they’re carrying aviation fuel.”

The trucker reports that he made more money by August of 2018 than he had all of the previous year, “He sold out so many times, he’s had to do extra runs just into this area to supply these these stores, around these two particular bases.”

He says he’s learned that the bases are manned mainly by Americans, with around one third of the personnel being English, from speaking with the shopkeepers, with whom he’s been doing business for over 15 years.

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  • I like Clif, but he goes off on tangents and here, doesn’t reveal much besides there being a lot of activity in Antarctica.

    So what? Shit’s going on, but what? Lots of speculation, but no evidence of anything specific that has a legitimate truth to it. Mostly CIA disinformation, from Linda Howe’s Spartan 1 & 2, to Corey Goode and David Wilcock spouting Atlantean ruins and aliens.

    Sure, there are ruins there, which support the Hancock/ Carlson Younger Dryas Ice Age from either a comet impact, or solar flash, causing an axis tilt that flash froze the civilization (which was fairly advanced) at the time. But are there Nazis and UFO’s interacting with aliens there?

    Who knows?

    Clif digs out some interesting theories, some of which seem largely true, others have yet to be proven beyond the initial speculative story. So far, Antarctica is mainly a place of mystery, and is being kept covert for unknown reasons. Hopefully in time, we’ll be provided the answers, but as long as the greedy power perverts keep their grubby little hands and big ego/little dicks in the pie, we’re just spewing American Graffiti.

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