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    “Currently, there is no centralized registry or database of persons who have gone missing in our national parks and forests or on Bureau of Land Management lands. If search and rescue parties are unable to locate the missing, no records are required to be kept by our government about the missing person case or the circumstances surrounding the event. When remains of the missing are found, again, no records are required to be maintained. Often, attempts to acquire information regarding the missing are blocked by bureaucratic red tape and/or demands for exorbitant fees.

    “It is time to demand that a national, publicly accessible registry/database be created in which all missing persons are accounted for in our national parks and forests and on BLM lands. The purpose of this would be to make the government accountable for keeping track and reporting of the missing, to inform the public of the facts surrounding missing persons cases on public lands, as well as keeping account of all missing individuals and the circumstances under which they went missing on public lands.

    “It is hoped that such a centralized searchable database will result in:

    “Governmental accountability and transparency with regard to the missing;
    continued search efforts for the missing;

    1) public empowerment to make informed decisions regarding personal safety in areas where people have gone missing;

    2) law enforcement identification and investigations into hot spots where many have gone missing;

    3) loved ones of the missing being kept informed of efforts to recover the missing.

    Let’s demand a publicly transparent database and provide hope for the families whose loved ones are still missing and unaccounted for on federal lands.”

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    • I’ve been reading David Paulides books. Prior to accidentally finding this topic on youtube, I was not aware that this was happening. I have completed two of his books now. I have no doubt that ‘something’ out of the ordinary is happening. I would be VERY interested in listening/watching a series on this topic.

    • Perhaps a required piece of equipment for visiting a national park should be an electronic battery operated tracker. All children for instance should be provided with one, if not all adults as well.

    • The disappearances are real, true. It may be the ‘higher-ups” need a population for their Mars’ expeditions/colonizing/inner earth habitations when children are the missing. The elderly may be a resource for forming a gene/DNA pool as well ass a pool of culturally mature skills’ knowledge. I cannot know the reality but I surmise the public parks’ staff members have been directed to be the unsupportive actors who will forestall any substantial, (read that as “thorough”) investigations. The respective states’ may want to consider claiming their lands held by the District of Columbia’s federal level of public employees. Peace… gg

    • This is strange and scary.This is so hard for the families and other loved ones of these. children and adults.We used to camp and think nothing about it. Now I would be afraid to do so any more.Why are the Park people being so sketchy about the information they may have about the victims?Maybe the park authorities really do not have any information..It can make a person crazy to keep thinking about what happened to the people.

    • I have read all the missing 411 books and have been a complete believer that “something” is very seriously wrong within the National Park system in the USA and Canada.
      I’m glad to see that many more people are becoming educated about the dangers that lurk in the woods and that they are using caution now when they take themselves or their families to camp or hike within them.
      “Into the Oblivion” would be another highly welcome book of information that the public could use to inform themselves and others.
      Thank you
      Wendy Robson

    • Check out a guy named David Paulides, he has several YOU TUBE videos.
      He has been doing very in depth research in this topic for years. He has a good book on the subject called ” Missing 411 “

    • I live in Australia and if anyone goes missing in one of our National Parks or Forests there is a widespread search and considerable media coverage. I’m appalled that this is not the case in the US. One has to wonder why?

    • Sign me up. My wife say that if she knew in then what she knows now, she would not have spent those wondrous nights in the national parks and forests in past years. But I say that you cannot let fear rule your life.

    • what all do they keep hidden from us ??? almost too scary to leave
      your home, ~~ and just how safe is that.
      How can we help ourselves and protect ourselves with out Knowledge ??/
      What kind of a World / Country are we living in ???
      We have a RIGHT to be Informed ~~

    • For many years, in many National Parks and others, I walked alone or walked & also worked. Often, I felt watched. Am very interested in all information. Only heard about this in recent years After retiring and no longer engage in such activity.

    • Wow..this sounds like maybe abductions by Grays..similar to the cattle mutilations that have happened in great numbers. Interestingly…on a trip to Zion Nat Pk in 1995…camping companion had a dream that the park ranger who came daily to collect our fee……..was a Gray.

    • This is news! It should be on every TV new program and on every radio show and in every magazine and newspaper. Where is it? Thank you for putting it on Forbidden Knowledge. Keep up the good work.

    • I live next to a National Park in Canada and l am thankful to find this information out. It should be made widely known.

    • I have never heard of this! We took our four kids and all their friends to the national parks every year, thank God we all came back!
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      My heart goes out to the families of the missing.

    • This was unbelievable and something I was unaware of. I am looking forward to reading the MISSING 411 books. I think this story would make a wonderful documentary for television.

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