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    This video shot in Mexico shows an American-owned truck as it pulls dual flatbed trailers and is loaded with over 150 Central American “migrants”. A few days previously, thousands of migrants crashed the gates at the Guatemala border, entering Mexico illegally, injuring Mexican police officers and telling observers they were headed to the US.

    On the door of the truck’s cab, one can see the company name “Javier”, along with the company’s registration number at the US Department of Transportation. Numerous flatbed trucks have been filmed on the Mexican highways, carting hundreds of young men to the US border. The drivers must be asked who is paying them for their services.

    When walking, they’re most often seen waving the national flags of Honduras and Guatemala and triumphantly singing their national anthems. One photograph even shows them burning an American flag that has been defaced with a swastika.

    What does this look like to you? I honestly don’t have words for it because I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before a similar “caravan” was publicized earlier this year. Some are calling this the “weaponization of poor people” by Globalists like George Soros. Alex Jones is calling it “21st century warfare.”

    General Jim Mattis is mobilizing 800 Army troops to assist the 4,000 National Guards who are already there, aiding Customs and Border Patrol agents to process this influx of migrants.

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    • This video is misleading. The truck displays DOT registration AND an Interstate Commerce Commission ( ICC ) number. This means this company may or MAY NOT be incorporated in the U.S. What it DOES mean is the company has Federally licensed AUTHORITY to operate in the U.S. And therefore pays road, license and other federal taxes as well as applicable state taxes where required. Images don’t mean shit with no in-depth explanation. This is why we are a diveided nation, nobody takes time to truely, critically examine an issue….
      That said, I firmly believe we have immigration laws … or we don’t. And I cling to rule of law.

    • This “transportation” of migrants is really an “in your face” tactic! Whoever owns & is using these vehicles need to be charged with aiding illegal immigration!
      This movement has been well planned, financed & executed. Easy to see that the majority of migrants are 95% if not more, well fed & well dressed men. So now what’s the plan. Surely they can’t even fantasize that they will be allowed to cross over into the USA peacefully.
      The caught between a rock & a hard place starts.
      Mexico HAS to remain a ‘good’ neighbour and to do so they have to take responsibility for the turning back of these migrants.
      The USA basically has to defend its’ border no exceptions….it all hinges on a minute balance that has to be played out. Who is going to blink first….and who has the most to lose? Common sense weighs in on the side of the USA…..their laws have to be upheld…..but will that be enough. Lines have to be drawn and the buck has to stop somewhere….. every country has the right to protect & defend their country & citizens …… time to take a stand.

    • Mehico has the problem + better take care of it or they’ll pay hugely.
      If they come anyway”Mehico” needs to be told WE will start with tear gassing + industrial pepperspray 200 plus yards in on their side.
      Any that make it will be put on a boat and dropped 100yds off shore on their West coast to swim for it thru those crocodile infested waters”
      [only athletic men make the border=MS13]
      “Mehico” has allowed it so its their problem to deal with or WE will deal w/”Mehico” for failing to do so.

    • So well dressed, great shoes, I wonder who’s been feeding them. Also that is a convoy, truck after truck, after truck, someone is spending big bucks for the gathering at the wall of force. It started with about forty thousand people, and now on trucks. I wonder what this will be a distraction for. Another attempted coo in D.C.?

    • Have you ever covered this suppressed information? Although this information has been reported on via mainstream media, it is largely ignored, for obvious reasons. We have been lied to regarding the first human settlers in the Americas. 9 minutes
      OLDEST Native American Mummy DNA Results
      Again, archaeological & genetic evidence suggests that Europeans (Solutreans) were most likely the first indigenous people of North America, arriving some 8000+ years before the Eurasian population groups crossed Beringia in larger numbers. Even then, DNA analysis shows that those Eurasian groups also had European roots.

      Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin Of America’s Clovis Culture

      Reuters: Ancient Native Boy’s Genome Reignites Debate Over First Americans

      “They haven’t produced evidence to refute the Solutrean hypothesis,” said geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University, a leading expert on using DNA to track ancient migrations. “In fact, there is genetic evidence that only the Solutrean hypothesis explains.”

      Spiegel: DNA Analysis Indicates “Native Americans” Had European Roots

    • “To process this influx of migrants”? Surely not, for they are not migrants, they are a paid, organized, unarmed invasion FORCE furnished with logistics and needing repulsion at the border. I can think of no better use than this occasion for the prudent use of microwave crowd dispersal weaponry which we know the military has. It likely would avoid a bloodbath which the Commicrats are lusting for to spark their armed revolution.

    • Is ANYBODY even buying into BS about this Caravan circus…When you SHOULD know by now is just another “Problem-Reaction-Solution” tactic used by Governments to mislead you into buying into such thing as “Good Government”???
      There is also the OLD (And STINKY) “Divide and Conqore” mixed into IT too.
      Aaaaah the old “Lucierians” and their “Deceptions” never give up Huh?
      I HOPE “INTELLIGENT” people are not buying this crap! (Laugh!!!)

    • This is a perfect example of how the CIA and FBI are all working for the Jewish elite banksters & communists. If we had a legitimate FBI or CIA, the organizers and funders of this “caravan” would be quickly identified and prosecuted. Who owns that truck and who paid for its services? Personally I think this was a plot to rile up the Democrats to vote next month. I also think the recent “bomb scares” are faked as well. The sheer level of malevolence against our nation and its legitimate citizenry is almost unbelievable. White people have been targeted for extinction.

      • IF you are a HU-Man BE-ing You have NOTHING to worry about…RIGHT???
        Because THEY will NEVER be allowed to become extinct…REMEMBER?

    • Men and women, but no babies and children? Maybe they want to see if the US has built a wall yet. Maybe headed to California to vote for demorats. I was once part of the demon party, but I changed my point of view after quite a few “truths” have come to the surface. Thank You Wikileaks! 9 6 3 my numbers for the day.

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