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    WikiLeaks’ release of the Vault 7 CIA documents is causing some humorous responses from the general public. There’s a whole new genre of videos emerging on YouTube, of people asking their Alexa-enabled “personal assistant” devices whether they’re connected to the CIA. There are even compilations now, like the one I’m sharing today.

    The first clips made (edited together in the wrong order, here) show people asking their device whether it’s connected to the CIA. The device “can’t handle the truth,” so to speak, gets flustered and doesn’t answer. Later videos show that an update has been made to the cloud, where Alexa’s brain lives. Alexa now replies to that same question, “No, I work for Amazon.”

    Well, Amazon works for the CIA! The Alexa software, according to their own product description, “…is built in the cloud [the same Amazon cloud that Jeff Bezos received $600M from the CIA to store and secure their data], so it is always getting smarter. The more customers use Alexa, the more she adapts to speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.”

    Basically, what Alexa-enabled devices like Echo do is provide you with an even more invasive form of surveillance than you’re already getting for free from your other web-connected devices!

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    • is it not a Federal Crime for the CIA to operate in the USA? or has that law been rescinded as well? Never mind, it’s like asking the government to tell the truth, they just can not do it.

    • WOW…Alexa/Amazon/Bezos/CIA/TPTSB = simply stated, TREASON to the country, the people and the Constitution.

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