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    Cracked is a comedy channel on YouTube and this clip is supposed to be a comedy piece. It might funnier, if it weren’t a 100% factual editorial. Yes. It appears that Mark Zuckerberg, whose $56B net worth is $12B greater than Donald Trump’s estimated holdings, has been feeling out a 2020 run for President of the United States. By then, he will be old enough to qualify (the position requires that the candidate be at least 35 years of age).

    Glossy spreads of Facebook Founder began to appear in Vanity Fair and Fortune around January 13th of this year, shortly after David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s former campaign manager joined the philanthropic Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, to lead its Policy Advocacy.

    “‘He wants to be emperor’ is a phrase that has become common among people who have known him over the years,” is a direct quote from the article in Vanity Fair by Nick Bilton, who comes out in favor of Zuckerberg’s candidacy (?!)

    Additional evidence of Zuckerberg’s intentions was his late-February launch of a “Listening Tour” of the Southern US, presumably, to better understand what he likely considers to be the alien life forms who inhabit the region. After his first foray, he posted, “I had lunch with community leaders in Waxahachie who shared their pride in their home and their feelings on a divided country” and “I met with ministers in Waco who are helping their congregations find deeper meaning in a changing world” and “We may come from different backgrounds but we all want to find purpose and authenticity in something bigger than ourselves.”

    Terrifying. The comic presenter of this Cracked sketch half-jokes of the staunch Globalist, “You’re in charge of Facebook [with 1.8 billion active monthly  users]…You can’t be the President. You own all of our information, all of our data. America is more divided than and ever and the Facebook helped us create our bubbles by using algorithms, to only show us things we like and things we already agree with.”

    Even Zuckerberg agrees with this last sentiment. In his manifesto, Zuckerberg stated that social media, at its worst, “Oversimplifies important topics and pushes us toward extremes.”

    Much more concerning, is a deleted passage from an earlier iteration of his manifesto, referring to Facebook’s use of Artificial Intelligence for surveillance, which said could lead to the development of robots to read peoples’ private messages, in search of things it deems “worrying” (!)



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    • OMG, this ZUCKS or is that ZUCKY? Oh, what the ZUCK. I just always figured he was an android. Have you ever noticed? Maybe he plans on replicating himself and reading the world’s emails personally?

    • Hey Alexandra! I sent you $200 on 11 March via Paypal. I want to be sure Paypal did pass the money on to you. Can you please confirm this? Jim Stone publishes a list of his donors on his website so the donors will know if their money does not get through. I suggest you do something like this too, just to make sure there’s no funny business going on with your donations.

      • Yes, Sophie – your very generous donation was received! and I cannot thank you enough! I don’t think my people necessarily would want their names published…to then become Targeted Individuals!

        Yes, I’m about to send 2 mass emails to 1) the emergency rescuers and/or new recurring donors and to the cause, as well as to the 2) people who’ve been supporting me for 2 years now. Then I have to go through the physical checks and such to thank those who helped me by snail mail, in a 3rd mass-email. I’m relieved to say that I can pay my rent and hire my brilliant developer/marketer to make my business more resilient and maybe one day – once again – no longer reliant on donations.

        BTW: I received the big wad of mail about the change of address of your law office in LA and I wish you the best of luck at your new location!

        Thanks again for your help – big donations like yours completely changed my mind about going to work for Starbucks and re-committing to what I am really about.

        I love my subscribers! They are the coolest people in the world!!!

    • The Cracked guy was kind enough not to mention that this arrogant punch bowl floater stole the idea of uploading his college directory and snaked several ‘partners’ in doing it. A worm if there ever was one, with clear umbilicals to all the nasty invasive entities dead set on controlling America and the whirled…no thanks there turd bucket, stay in your billionaire toilet please.

      • The Cracked comedian (I could not readily find his name) did mention that in the only film made about Facebook, ‘The Social Network’ (2010), the Zuckerberg character was “Not exactly the ‘Good Guy'”.

        But yes, he very charitably did not elaborate on the details of how Zuckerberg screwed over his partners, at the very beginning – and God only knows the gory details of the deal/s struck later, which turned FB into the ultimate spying machine that it is today.

        Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace was overlooked for this role. (LOL. Remember MySpace?)

        Zuckerberg appears to be a potential front man for the Democrat Party, in their bid to claw back into power; for that side of the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” triangle to do its thing. Ugh.

        We desperately need a fully independent, viable functioning 3rd Party and nobody can make it happen, other than We, the People.

    • Zuckerberg epitomizes that tyrant demon residing in the hearts of every mortal who ever lived. A child let loose unsupervised over night in a candy store, he envisions himself as king of the world!

      • That’s a funny way to put it! What kind of fantasies would anybody entertain, if they were 32 years old and “self-made” billionaires worth $55B? Of course, we know that he got “a little help” from his friends at the CIA.

        Just like with the case of Jeff Bezos, this is a sign of yet more creeping Fascism, with the increased centralization and melding of government and institutional powers together with Big Data private corporations, which is in line with what the CIA has been doing since its very inception. They just keep getting rid of the middlemen until there’s just one guy who they own, with a ridiculous amount of power.

        The Press ideally represents the Fourth Estate – but the Washington Post is now owned by an oligarch/ideologue/CIA contractor.

        Zuckerberg is apparently very bright but even so, given that (similar to Bezos) he PERSONALLY OWNS the data of 1.8B people (and growing), the thought him being POTUS is terrifying. It takes Vault 7 to a whole other level! Him owning all that data should actually be a disqualifier – and there ought to be a law about that!

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