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Mass de-platformed Alex Jones joined podcasting rock star, Joe Rogan for an epic 4-hour broadcast yesterday, in which Jones revealed some very crazy information about genetic memory, interdimensional aliens, the breakaway civilization, God and things he’s never spoken of before.

It’s an incredible and an important free-speech event in this horrible censorship war we’re in today and this is a precious 4-minute clip from that.

Speaking of which, Forbidden Knowledge TV has been blind-sided by the latest technique to derail traffic to the website and I am very busy attempting to reconstitute the newsletter broadcast.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Two on board SPOOKS mis–directing attention, ‘perception managing’
    and shutting down ALL reality beyond their INTEL RUN franchise slum.


  • A great piece, better yet, the whole 4 plus hour podcast … you will get a new appreciation for Alex Jones. IMnsHO and E.

  • The Book of Enoch told us how the fallen angels eat humans and drink their blood and how they would control our world until the Son of Man returns to wind down the Times of the Gentiles (British/German/Khazars, etc.). The beings of this world have always been here from the beginning. Why do you think they took the Book of Enoch out of the Bible? They flood Youtube with Alien UFO videos because they have been ordered to disclose their presence. All current governments as we know them will soon disappear once the presence of Benevolent ET are announced but few will see them as such because they will not honor and support the current reality. They are here to usher us into the Golden Age of Peace. No more systems, no more wars, no more pollution, no more GMOs, no more Vaccines, no more banks and mortgages, no more processed foods, no more hollywood, no more TV shit. Its all coming to a painful end.

  • I believe that everybody should have the freedom to share whatever they have experienced about the weird and strange world we share. We know that many civilizations have built unbelievable immense stone buildings and then it seems their civilizations disappear and then others get busy and do the same. The evidence of these strange, miraculous, communities all tie into who & what we are doing here on this planet, in some mysterious way. The life that has now taken over this process now has taken us through many horrendous wars, chemical experiments, DNA fiddling, Satanic rituals, slaughter & torture beyond belief needs to be exposed and seen in the light of day. So as far as I’m concerned if anyone has any information to unveil this bloody mess please feel free to do so and perhaps we can advance our extremely messed up world.

    This is Nothing more than “White Supremacy” attempting to FOOL the Fools…ALL that so-called “Disclosure ” attempts by THOSE Evil Creatures to Scare the Sheeple to death.
    Members of the “Golden race” will see to it that ALL this white supremacy BS Never happens!
    They have NEVER left this planet, and NEVER will.

  • Believe in Aliens or not, do yourself a big favor as a truth-seeker if you haven’t done so already, go and rent the documentary, “Above Majestic.” Put aside your feelings about Corey Goode for a second and take your honest, truthseeking self and watch that film.

    Alex stated some stuff here I’ve not heard before and history history for disinfo clouds him a bit, but he touches on some Secret Space Program stuff that is true and it isn’t explained better anywhere else than in Above Majestic.

  • Nothing was made abundantly clear here. Jones seemed overwrought, maybe because it wasn’t his turf, maybe because Rogan appeared to be a doubting Thomas. I mean, Jones is always overwrought, but usually in a self-assured way. Insofar as “aliens” go, good grief, they’re all over the sky! Anyone bother to look up lately? Sure they’re here. Most of them are benevolent. They’ve come to assist in the upcoming very special (mildly put) time in our history.

  • Are they talking about aliens from another country, planet, or dimension? Build a bigger WALL! lol. By the way, at the end of the second world war, the N-zi aliens invaded the USA using a paper clip, then we had an a creation called CIA and another that ended up being called NASA, “never a straight answer”. And it’s still working on world domination. It’s not that hard to follow the money trail, and the people that catch weaponized cancer, or have a accident, like fall on a gun and shoot themselves twice, or fall in the river. I wonder what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? LOL, The ones from other worlds have been here longer then humans have existed. Don’t believe me, fine. You have never been followed down the freeway hitch hiking at night by an orange translucent glow have you? I have. That’s when I was seventeen, fifty year ago, but I will never forget it. Alex Jones should be set free to speak no mater what he says, I don’t believe half of what he says, but, he does cover a lot of “things”.

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