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This mini-documentary from Strange But True Stories gives an account of the anomalous details of the US Navy’s large-scale 1947 Operation Highjump led by Rear Admiral Byrd (Ret), that conducted scientific experiments and aerial reconnaissance of Antarctica. The end goal was to establish US sovereignty over a sizable chunk of the continent but the planned 6-month mission was cut short after just few weeks. Antarctica has been integral to the body of paranormal folklore spawned by the National Security Act ever since.

There have been persistent legends of an underground Nazi base in the Antarctic region of Neuschwabenland, of extraterrestrial bases; of these two groups working together and of their violent encounters with the US Navy, some with their roots in the strange reports on Byrd’s mission published in Chilean newspapers during that time.

This video cites a “secret diary” alleged to be Byrd’s that contains an account which purports to explain his 3-hour absence during a sortie, an event that actually did precipitate the early cancellation of the Operation. An edition of the diary can be bought today, with added comments by Timothy Beckley, William Reed, Tim Swartz – and the famous “Commander X”. This diary has apparently been circulating since the 1970s and functions as a kind of Bible for believers in the Hollow Earth.

In this “diary”, Byrd describes flying over a green pastureland surrounded by mountains and an outside temperature of 75ºF (24ºC), when his plane’s controls stopped working and its flight became controlled by an external force. He looked out and saw that he was being escorted by flying discs emblazoned with swastikas. His plane was safely landed and he had an encounter a Nordic “master”, who told him that with the discovery of nuclear energy, mankind’s demise was inevitable but that his people would still be here to seed the next civilization, which would hopefully understand the futility of war.

The 1947 National Security Act created fertile ground for urban legends like the one in this “secret diary” to take root but it would be wrong to say that it is the sole driver of persistent rumors about Antarctica, which have been ramping up over the past few years.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • He went inside our hollow earth, and described the inhabitants and their food. All the animals and people were hugh and they all got along. This is why today alien spaceships fly over our nuclear plants and deactivate them. The male world leaders are so stupid!

  • I have the Original pictures, taken by Admiral Byrd, of this expedition. They were given to me as a gift and for protection, when I was a young child. I am now 71 years old and have been looking for someone who would be interested in the purchase of these pictures. Please contact me for any further information.

  • WE in 3~D “reality” are producing our Own FERTILIZER every day, as we are FOOD SLAVES “by Design” thanks to the Anunnakies who needed cheap LULUS to do their
    dirty work….
    Look at the female body….’a pair of tits & a Drive-in with the Womb in between’….
    Very basic & primitive….Be fruitful & multiply….Line up the WOMBS !
    Who are the PUPPET MASTERS who keep EARTHLINGS as Human Livestock….???
    And what will happen in the coming > 5~D <…..?
    Cheeeers, Lance van Merlin

  • There’s so much more to this story than anyone realizes. It’s the deepest rabbit hole. For those interested to read details behind-the-scenes, go find Dr. Michael Salla’s book, “Antarctica’s Hidden History – Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs”, available on Amazon. This is a stunning book, one that puts the pieces together. It cleared up many mysteries involving German Haunebu saucers, the Nazi/Thule Society repudiation of Admiral Byrd’s raid on Antarctica known as “Operation Highjump.”

    What lies underneath Antarctica? Sleeping Giants (in Stasis chambers) in huge craft (1-3 miles long). Refugees from Maldek/Mars then to earth. Pre-Adamite civilization.

  • Clif High had a terrific contribution to the back story of Antarctica. It was certainly plausible. Not sure about the who, what, when, where & why of it all. I certainly hope intelligent life forms are hovering about and do have the answers. Somehow that seems very Hollywood and simplistic!
    I truthfully believe that humankind will secure life upon our planet for many generations to come. Technology of course will be a huge part of building the future…….but not what we have now; which I believe is like a parasite upon humanity. We need to seek ways to find it’s essence and become part of it. No more secrets would be hidden from us…..there would be an open exchange of all ideas. It’s what I believe we were put here to achieve.

    • Agreed – Forum Borrealis interviews with Cliff High are some of the best discussions about Antarctica, other than information shared by Joseph Farrell.

      I don’t care much for the narrative style of this video but some of the info presented has been shared by others. I know JPF thinks the diary is fiction, perhaps some opposition control tool. I don’t think the writing style fits the period but who knows?

      I also encourage people to check out some of the historical dot-connecting Dark Journalist has been doing throughout his X-series. Turns out, Byrd’s brother or cousin owned the School Book Depository building in Dallas–and a few other interesting details (this was revealed early in the series).

  • Here’s some email feedback I got from a subscriber that I will share anonymously:


    I had an acquaintance who was in the Navy at the time of the Byrd expedition. He said he was assigned as a courier to bring Admiral Byrd’s diary to the Pentagon. Since he had been given no orders to not read it, he did so and said it was exactly what it was.
    He passed away about fifteen or so years ago.

    Best, Z

  • Personally…I FAST learning NOT TO “TRUST” ANYTHING That coming from a WHITE man’s Mouth, because HE has an AGENDA, That is NOT “Compatible” with the REST of HU-Manity.
    THEY appear to be related to what was once called “The Fallen Ones” and were responsible for the creation of a “Branch” called “MAN-Kind”.
    THEY also have selling a FALSE version of OUR past called “HIS-Story” which is NOW being EXPOSED all over the Internet!
    LOOK at their actions toward other RACES…RIGHT NOW…Toward “Migrants” THEY CREATED..By all their WAR mongering…LOOK at the CRAP They are trying to do in AFRICA…RIGHT NOW!!!
    They seem to think Africa Belongs to the WHITE Race…When PROOF is all over the Internet that AFRICA was Hu-Manity’s cradle!

  • President Trump has to spend far too much time defending himself from this frivoulus attempts to bring him down. I think Trump is the Finest President in my lifetime (I am 71) I agree 100% with his policies. May God Bless and Keep this fine man in Office. If Trump was ever forced to resign; I suspect there would be anarchy in the streets. Tread carefully left wingers.

  • I do not like the narration. The biases and the melodrama are offensive and intrusive. The audio equalization and attempts at drama are melodramatic. The video is astounding but requires more labeling or subtitles to establish which are from the records of the time and which are not from the time and which were added for effect. The information is excellent but I would not bother subscribing because of the irritating melodrama, biases and condescending tone. Otherwise, this brief video could be a great contribution. It fails to mention the battles that were reported. It fails to mention that the evil ones controlled our country and that they murdered Byrd’s superior United States Secretary of War James Forrestal in order to keep this secret.

  • Nice story but that American thing is elite (Admiral Byrd) doubtful it is even human.
    I about had it with stories from the Anglo-American side. All portrait as heroes to be loved and worshiped all the while being worse than bad, murdering (b)millions in the process of plundering and having no qualms about it what so ever.

    I think it is good that other nations are carving out a piece for themselves without being under the thumb of the Anglo-Americans and a more balanced even spread world power can emerge that can transform into something adult and not solely power prone plundering minded.

    Until then the rewrite of history in a real sense of what happened has to wait if ever occurring. I am certainly not getting my hopes up.

    • Unfortunately my people are not in control. Those in control may appear Caucasian to you but I assure you that they are our mortal enemies. The evil ones are throwing the other races at and against mine. They are not the same as us and this battle started in Genesis 3:14-15.

      I do not appreciate your racism and your attitude. We are the only ones who are capable of defeating the evil ones. By the way, I do not believe in “race;” we are different species.

      This particular presentation is not well balanced and doubtful. My presentation to you comes directly from the Bible, both the Old Testament parchments and the New Testament scriptures. I don’t expect you to understand since you are not a party to the covenants but I hope you will explore enough to determine for yourself who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

      FYI, the bad guys are in control of those other nations you laud as not being under our control. Yes, they control all governments on the earth (especially mine), at least the developed nations. They are the spoilers and they might destroy all life on earth rather than be exposed and give up their power. Indeed, all life on earth hangs in the balance!

      • Every one should fully understand history! All history! Check out the bankers and what they have done in the last 200 years

  • Very poor articulation by the narrators especially the first female making it difficult to understand without multiple repeats.

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