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Aman Jabbi has worked in Silicon Valley for 28 years. His back ground includes work on deep technologies that are involved in the new prison system being designed by Big Tech.

In 2020, he moved to Montana and became a whistleblower, warning about the public about the very real threat about to be unleashed upon us all, known by many as the “Mark of the Beast” system.

Aman explains how accepting the digital ID is the basic premise behind it all.

[Video of Aman]: “So, by default, a digital identity implies that you’re always in a digital prison. Since you have digital identity and you’re in a prison, you are, by default a criminal. So, we don’t trust you.”

Just like the old system, this new one is also voluntary and you are supposed to know that it is a digital prison that you are signing up for and the reason for this is because in this new system, having a digital ID will be proof that you are a criminal.

Because having a digital ID means that you are in a digital prison and because you accepted it, you MUST be a criminal.

Because of this, there is a new protocol being introduced with this new system, known as “Zero Trust”.

[Video of Aman]: “How is Zero Trust going to be used? Here is a lady. She wants to go and buy some beef but let’s say her Carbon Footprint or her Beef Footprint for the month has been exceeded. That door won’t open.”

This digital footprint is sneaking up on us all. There is no need for an implanted chip, because everything is being done with facial recognition, which is already plugged into the entire system.

America already has more cameras per capita than Communist China and our Social Credit Score is already being logged.

All we need, at this point is a series of events that lead us all into having to make the choice of either accepting the new digital ID or saying, “No!”

Since the COVID lockdowns, new state-of-the-art LED lights have been replacing street lights in cities throughout the West.

Aman explains that this is all a part of the plan.

These lights will be connected to everything, including your phone and your car – and in new cars, that includes 16 different cameras, with LIDAR and SONAR.

These lights are being outfitted with LED Incapacitators, which is a light technology that was first announced 15 years ago, back when it caused enough damaged that it caused enough brain damage to make a person sick.

[Old TV show about LED Incapacitators]

It’s been 15 years and our Silicon Valley whistleblower believes that this technology is now capable of killing people.

Ultimately, we can say “No” to this but we will have to first unify and come together.

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  • You won’t be able to do anything much physically as this planet is controlled by demonic entities and filled by bunches of sheep and NPC’s.
    However you can work on your spirituality, which isnt easy as there are many distractions, but you can still try.
    Search for Astral Projection

  • “A Digital Prison Is Being Built Around You Right Now”

    Yes. BUT… it has been built all along primarily with with the willful consent of nearly all people ( yet THAT MAJOR piece of the whole reality virtually all these people “conveniently” and endlessly leave out of the equation.

    “Never hide the truth to spare the feelings of the ignorant.” — Mikhail Bulgakov

  • Its called KARMA. Remember when the US was/is killing innocent people everywhere in the world and you were quiet as a clam? Yeah…that. Where were you? And you finance the greatest terrorist of our history with your tax donations!

    You’re soft and egotistical my pudding people of the US.

    • Exactly. The same way the Arabs/Muslims were unjustly blamed for 9/11 and were warred upon by the Globalist intelligence community and the Military/Industrial Complex (with our tax dollars), patriotic Americans are now being demonized and set up by the same demonic forces (with our tax dollars).

  • The NWO is the fullment of Rev 13. It appears that God is going to allow Satan to bring it in now. If so, then this is God’s timing, not Satan’s. No matter when it happens, one day you will die. The only thing that will matter then is DID U TRUST COMPLETELY IN JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR. Believe that He died, was buried and rose again and admit you are a sinner. There is salvation in no other name but Jesus. Pray a simple pray asking him to come into your heart and to save your soul. Hell is real my friend. Jesus paid IN FULL the price so that U do not have to go there. Eternity is FOREVER. You cannot add your good works or anything else to what Jesus did when He who knew NO SIN, became sin for YOU. so that You could receive His righteousness, ALL have sinned and we all fall short of God’s perfect standard. ONLY JESUS COULD PAY THE PRICE & HE DID.

  • Please tell me how “unifying and coming together” is going to change anything at this point. We have had no voice since the lockdowns began. The government does what it wants to do including changing laws to assure they are in control and selecting the candidate they must have at elections.

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