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Contrary to popular perception, Bill Gates did not invent the original Microsoft operating system and by the early 2000s, Gates was universally reviled for his mercenary, back-stabbing business practices against competitors and his closest associates, alike.

After Microsoft lost its antitrust cases with the governments of the US and the EU, Bill Gates took cues from the late John D Rockefeller in order to transform his public persona from the world’s most ruthless monopolist to the world’s most generous philanthropist. Today, he is the Planetary Vaccinator-in-Chief, who has inflicted death and untold damage on victims in India and Africa with his HPV and polio vaccines. This excerpt from the documentary film, ‘Plandemic’ charts this transformation.

You cannot find a person promoting coronavirus alarmism who’s not part of the interlocking directorates of the World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIAID or the philanthropic organizations that are the cover organizations that fund them, most of them controlled by Bill Gates.

There are over 1,300 patents that are issued and held by organizations that are multiple recipients of funding, through the Gates Foundation and others and all of them also have links to Anthony Fauci’s NIAID’s funding sources. The conflicts of interest, in the funding and in the decision-making and in the inside knowledge between competitor organizations constitute violations of the antitrust laws of the United States, which are Federal crimes.

Sadly, Big Pharma companies have bribed everybody and are holding the entire medical industry hostage, from the medical schools, to the regulators, to the journals. Outside of paying fines as a cost of doing business, they have no accountability, whereas, in the old days, such CEOs would do jail time.

This can be traced back to the Rockefellers, who became the godfathers of the pharmaceutical industry, when they promoted patentable petroleum-based chemicals as the gold standard, to replace the herbal medicines that had been administered for centuries. More than anyone, physicians are the victims of the stranglehold of Big Pharma on the medical industry.

In 2019, Gates declared that vaccines were the greatest investment he had ever made, turning $10 million into $200 million worth of economic benefit. As a top donor to both the WHO and CDC, no one man has more power than Bill Gates to influence and control the health and medical freedom of all people.

Ronald Reagan’s signing of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, granted total immunity to vaccine manufacturers. To this day, when someone is injured by a vaccine, it is the US taxpayer who pays for the damages.

India paid a very high price after the highly-unethical administering of the Gardasil vaccine to young ethnic minority girls. They were told they were being given a “cure for cancer” but many were severely injured and seven died. The Gates Foundation denied involvement and there was no recourse for tens of thousands of young women. The Indian government studied what happened and issued a scathing report, which resulted in the Indian Parliament’s vote to kick the Gates Foundation out of the country.

A 2018 study found that 491,000 children in India suffered paralysis as a result of the Gates-supported oral polio vaccine administered between 2010-2017. As usual, the US-based fact-checking websites rushed to bury the story. Somehow, the Gates Foundation has managed to get back into India, sponsoring clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Neither Bill nor Melinda Gates is trained in medicine and yet they control GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. GAVI is now being sued by some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable nations for the unconscionable harm they have caused through their vaccine programs. Many Africans and Black Americans are beginning to wake up to this problem.

It would take hours to list all of the questionable initiatives backed by Bill Gates. But here are some highlights:

  • Stratospheric-Controlled Perturbation Experiment (aka Geoengineering), Bill Gates is the one of the primary funders of geoengineering, to dim the atmosphere in order to “mitigate” Climate Change. Critics have called this a “Global Genocide Experiment”.
  • EarthNow Global Surveillance Project, which will launch 500 satellites fitted with video cameras to provide real-time, 24/7 monitoring of all people everywhere.
  • Quantum Dot Tattoo, developed with MIT is a system to inject vaccines under your skin, along with your medical records, that can be scanned by authorities using a cellphone app, as part of the “Immunity Passports” scheme for those who have “proof” of recovery from COVID-19.
  • Oxitec, a biotech company funded by Bill Gates has been approved to release GM mosquitoes in various US states to help fight malaria. According to the NIH website, there are programs being developed to allow human immunization through mosquito bites.

Then of course, there is Bill Gates’ questionable association with Jeffrey Epstein, which he denies. However, a New York Times investigation revealed that not only did Gates initiate a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, long after he had already been convicted of sex crimes but that the two were in the process of co-founding a multi-billion-dollar charitable fund.

Why would one of the richest men in the world choose to partner with the world’s most notorious pedophile? Why would one of the richest men in the world want to vaccinate the entire global population with CRISPR gene-editing technology that has not been approved for use in humans?

It’s important to understand that the COVID-19 vaccines are currently being developed under the PREP Act, which was passed in the wake of 9/11 and the Anthrax Scare and it gives blanket liability protection to the entire medical industry, in order to “encourage expeditious development and deployment of medical countermeasures during a health emergency.”

In other words, if you take COVID-19 vaccines, you are absolutely on you own. If you’re permanently injured, if you lose your job, if your healthcare expenses go through the roof, tough luck.

Lawyer, David E Martin says, “This isn’t a vaccine story, this is a population-management story. If your goal is to make this beautiful Earth that we live on an exclusive playground for the entitled few, then populations that get in the way are a problem. It is the empirical impulses of individuals who have decided that by outranking the rest of humanity, they can dictate upon humanity the conditions of their existence.

“This is a cognitive-dissonant moment that is being imprinted in your brain, just like ‘Remember the Great Depression’, ‘Remember 9/11’. We are being conditioned to have the excuse for unbelievable acts of tyranny, which will be justified by ‘Remember 2020.’

“And your loved ones; those that die, those that are infected; they’re being used as cannon fodder, which is the ultimate desecration of their honor and integrity.

“This is also a test of humanity, to see how much of our liberty we will let go, before we finally draw the line under ‘ENOUGH’.

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  • Yes. Let’s do the maths.

    He threw money at his diminished reputation and gained the world or at least the praise of it and a good chunk of its wealth


    I would not be Bil Gates for anyhing , not when he wil stand before God to account for his hubris so great as to be near that of Satan himself

  • This is such obvious propoganda. Worse than anything Michael Moore has put out. Can’t believe people believe this stuff. For ex: jumping from testimony in a trial in 1998 to decades later when he retired from Microsoft and gives billions of his money to help millions of people.

    They’ve done tons of great work combating things like Malaria. But western people who live in fortunate circumstances so easily dismiss it when those who were desperate were other wise being ignored while they suffered.

    People will hear what they want to hear.

    Meanwhile 4 billion people have gotten vacinnes and nothing bad has happened with them. The only thing that’s bad is the virus mutating. Not the people trying to help.

    • Show with any actual evidence of the Gates foundation and these vaccines where he describes what’s being put in them (did you miss that part — all foreign to the human body and absolutely NO science behind a one) that have helped anyone because the data I am finding on BitChute state he is slobbering his vast sums of money to depopulate the planet. He, Ted Turner, George Soros and Rothschild for 300 years and the British aristocracy — do away with global populations they’re globalist schemes of WalMart and such actually created the problem they refuse to get right about. Cheaper to develop graphine oxide poisons, con people through the buying of all mainstream media narratives to push, push, push on consumers of media non-stop.

  • It’s all him OMG we are in this bullshit because of him and stupid stupid people! He pretty much owns the WHO and CDC which set the guidelines for this bullshit and every chicken shit government fallowed. Pure evil funny giving away money so people forget what kind of true Piece Of Shit you really are is a page right out of the Rockefeller handbook. Makes since when you think about it the two families go back to 1700’s and get this in the depopulate business back then!

  • Notice his head bobbing? Is he a Talmudic Jewish rabbi or Yeshiva student? I mean you don’t need to wear a kippa to do this…. Whether he’s a Talmudic Jew or not he is definetly affiliated with the Synagogue/Church/Mosque/Temple/whatever of Satan.

  • When the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab talk about culling the population, my first response is, “OK…you first!”

  • Follow the money. He said vaccines was his best investment. He wants population control. What better way to achieve his objective. I will NOT get a Covid vaccine.

  • We need to know who profits most from the vaccines that have been developed. We also need to have someone following the efficacy of each of the vaccines. Also, I just read today that soome are encouraging Moderna to cut their vaccine dose in half so that more people can be vaccinated. What does this do to how well it covers people? I smell something rotten about the whole thing. It has been proven that an inexpensive treatment of Hydroxychloroquine and zinc is highly effectlve in treating covid. Many doctors tried to go to Capitol Hill to show the evidence, but they were shut down and MSM would not show them or print any of the evidence. I guess Fauci and Gates wouldn’t make any money off of that. Where is the integrity???

    • The vaccines are operating under an Emergency Use Authorization. This authorization can only be granted when there are no existing effective treatments that have been FDA approved. That is why drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin need to be discredited along with doctors that support them.

  • Absolutely sinister. They test their drugs on real humans in developing countries ‘coz there’s no defence in any kind of court of public/civil liability, i.e. Cirinal Negligence.

  • GOG and his horde of imposters began their march against humanity in the early 1900’s and when they entered into both Russia and Palestine in 1917. It is this group of people who have been controlling the world in all wars beginning with WW1, with all of the poisons being put into our food, water and air. The ‘fluoride’ they put into public drinking water is actually ‘aluminum ash’.
    In the book: “What Really Makes you ILL – why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong”. We have been lied to since the day our little feet walked into a schoolhouse. Karl Marx said “Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will rule the world”. Marx was speaking of the English language and it is how they have corrupted and perverted every single subject creating billions of books full of lies and propaganda. Those books are the ‘weapons’ spoken of in Ezekiel 39. Read the above mentioned blog to learn all of the truth. We also know that God created both good and evil. Man is given free will to choose who guides our steps; good or evil. Sadly, millions have chosen evil because the LOVE of money is the ROOT (source) of ALL Evil. God controls the kingdom of men; Dan 4:17. God allows evil to come ‘out of the north’ to influence those whom have wrongly chosen. This is how God sears them with a hot iron. Brass is above and iron is below. Ps 78:49 in His wrath, God sends evil angels among men.
    Amos 3:6 is there evil in the city and the Lord hath not done it? So, you see, God has put hooks in the jaws of GOG allowing him to lead his horde to cause all nations to become mad after drinking from the cup of fornication. Jer 51:7.

    In the aforementioned book, on page 398 we find that ALUMINUM, FORMALDEHYDE, and MERCURY are in ALL vaccines which are toxins. Page 446 “The body does react to vaccines; but not in a way described by the medical establishment. The body’s reactions are not the result of immune system’s response to a ‘germ’; instead, they are the body’s efforts to expel toxins. It is known that aluminum accumulates in the brain and results in neuro-degeneration. Formaldehyde, a neurotoxin vaccine ingredient is similarly harmful as mercury and aluminum. Formaldehyde is routinely used in many vaccines given to babies. Not studies have been done on the effect of the toxins introduced into babies. Vaccines are: Diphtheria, Pertussis which are administered in multiple doses; three are given before the age of six months. Formaldehyde is the contributory factor to autism. Some vaccines, including MMR, contain MSG which is a neurotoxin. Page 456 “Baby soaps, shampoos and bubble baths hide a carcenogenic contaminant called 1,4-Dioxane in a wide range of ingredients known as ‘ethoxylates’ which is used in many detergent type products and are group B carcinogens. Talcum powder induces cancer.

    Please read the above mentioned book and learn the real truth about germs, bacteria and viruses because all we have been told is a pack of lies. Nearly all diseases/viruses are caused by toxins in our food, water and air.

    This may not be a related comment, but I wanted to share this with all who may have small children. We know that in CA a woman’s child was taken from her and the child given forced vaccines. This is about agenda 2030; depopulation. Just as God gave us 10 commandments written in stone so too has Satan given his people 10 commandments written in stone and they appear at the Georgia Guide Stones. One of those commandments is: “Maintain the population at 500 million”.

    God bless you all.

      • Gog is a person who rules over the land of Magog (Russia). Magog means the “Prince of Rosh.” (Gog) Rosh is the old root word for the land of Russia. God informs Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38:15, “You will come from your place in the far North” (the Hebrew word means “the uttermost part of the North.”
        I had to look it up because I didn’t know either.

  • These people are evil, the have harmed so many already. (Including Common Core, its not just vaccines) They have committed crimes against humanity and need to be charged and have their assets taken to pay us back and compensate all they have injured over the years. I have also read about the vaccines causing women to have had premature births and spontaneous abortions and miscarriages, along with some that became sterile after the vaccinations. Gates has said things about putting something in the water to make people sterile. I wonder if they are friends or have any partnerships with the Monsanto corporation? Another truly evil company!

  • I suppose I’m an anti-vaxxer because vaccines have become notorious for supposedly preventing illnesses like chicken pox, and measles that are very mild in well nourished childhood. If vaccines really had to perform in a serious epidemic that was killing tons of people, they would probably fail, so they are preventative of nothing diseases where if the child gets measles or chicken pox it doesn’t matter. Now we discover that illnesses gotten in the natural ways, create B cell immunity that lasts a lifetime. Most vaccines work for 2 to 10 years, max, and in some people not at all. It’s very inexact science, very corrupted, and on it goes. I guess people that are not healthy enough to sustain a mild infection might benefit from vaccines, but then that is not a money maker so forget that. Bill Gates is an obsessive compulsive who got this idea in his head that everyone needs a vaccine, like someone walking around with a can of Raid killing bugs, while poisoning the environment in the process. He is a menace.

    • Yet he will not allow his own children to be vaccinated. Go figure that one out. That tells me boat loads of what he is really about.

  • What a jerk. I hope they have both been arrested. They are supportors of population control. Look it up for yourself.

  • I met Bill Gates when he was about 13, being led around the U district in Seattle wearing his bio-feed back machine. (to teach how to control emotions) he even let me wear his headphones.
    You notice how he was rocking his head at the beginning of the video, that was to control his emotions.
    He is a narcissist who has never taken a vaccine, but for everyone else it’s a good idea.
    Yeah, right.

      • Billy is above the Law and Justice from human point of view. But, the final one is a Divine one, which states that ‘It is terrible to fall into the hands of the Living God’

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