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In 2014, a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins was trying to grow tumors in laboratory mice and they failed with one group. The reason, they discovered, was because that group of mice had been de-wormed with an anti-parasitic drug, which they then learned had been reported to have anti-cancer activity.

Fenbendazole is an anti-parasitic drug used to de-worm pets and livestock that is widely available without a prescription that could be a valuable anti-cancer drug because it interferes with glucose metabolism. The main source of fuel for cancer cells is sugar and when researchers in 2008 had tested Fenbendazole combined with vitamins, tumor size significantly decreased compared to other controlled groups.

Fenbendazole has been found to block sugar uptake in cancer cells and to kill cancer cells (i.e., induce apoptosis).

Joe Tippens, who appears in this video had 4th stage lung cancer that had metastasized all over his body and he was given 3 months to live. After following this protocol for 3 months he was, instead cured of cancer:

  • 1 gram granules (3 days on, 4 days off) of canine drug ‘Panacur C’, which contains 222mg of fenbendazole
  • Vitamin E Succinate (800IU daily)
  • Curcumin (600mg daily)
  • CBD oil (25mg per day)

Clif High claims that he cured himself of colon cancer with fenbendazole, posting on his Substack:

My approach to getting cancer free, rebuilding muscle mass, and gaining recovery started by firing my oncologist who’s most frequent answer to any question was “I don’t know”, and also included the following:

Chaga tea, very frequent & often, as an anticancer agent, and immune regulator.

Vitamin D3+K2. 10,000 or 15,000 IU daily. It turns out that if you had a level of 95ng/ml D3 level, you would not get colon cancer.

Vitamin C. 3 grams to 9 grams daily. Liposomal form.

Fenbendazole (fenbendazole for humans is the search term at Amazon) PLUS vitamin E that has some level of tocotrienols in it. More the better, but must have some to activate the fenben.

100% stoppage of all sugars for nearly 2 years. I also reduced my carb intake to less than 15% of my diet.

NO SEED OILS! So I cook with ghee, clarified butter.

Exercise. As frequent and regular, leading up to daily as the muscles started coming back with the PureSleep inducing very reliable sleep processes nightly. Note that cancer destroys your ability to sleep. It alters all the hormone ratios, and the calcium to magnesium ratios which really hammer your ability to get body and mind rest during sleep.

This is the basic protocol I followed. It may aid your thinking about this ‘disease’, which my research has led to the conclusion that cancer is a process in which a trigger event produces the first aberrant cells, BUT, the stress hormones and other conditions MUST be present to foster their growth rather than expulsion from the body.

Fenbendazole is a safe drug with little side effects that had already been extensively tested in its capacity as an anti-parasitic. I have bought some for my WW3 survival kit.

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  • I was just watching the BRAVE series recently by Jonathan Otto and on that there was a Dr Lee Merritt who said she now believes that all diseases are caused by parasites. She has been prescribing ivermectin to her patients for covid and has been seeing them get their taste and smell back and lowering of tinnitus in some patients.

  • This remedy is one out of a many effective cheap and safe (cancer) cures, typically coming from “alternative” medicine, the criminal medical orthodoxy has been obscuring, suppressing, or destroying for well over a century and that these psychopaths have doing, too, now during the Covid SCAMdemic …

    The normal inherent workings of normal inherent psychopaths that will never stop unless …

  • very interesting! there was a huge book that came out in the 80’s i believe tho it may be older; and this woman pretty much blamed all that ails us on parasites and myctotoxins! she had cures for everything from chronic cough to stomache ! she was also a forefronner for the idea that frequencys might combat alotof this stuff! my young son even attempted to make a “zapper”

    i myself. have had a theory that we may be on the wrong track with allof this! since people have had so much success with ivermectin which is a parasite medicine i concluded that the so called covid must be more parasitic in nature than viral

    in any case this is great that this is coming out! yes of course this great lady was Huldah Clark!

  • I’ve been telling that for ten years !!!! Fenbendazole is better than Ivermectin, if you already have cancer !!!!!

  • The drugs and radiation the AMA uses to treat cancer, causes adverse side effects, and the side effects are then treated with even more pharmaceuticals. Often these side effects last for the rest of the person’s life, even if they go into remission.
    Have you noticed, there always seems to be a shortage of physicians?

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