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Published by Annie Lee
April 29, 2012

Robots have held a fascination for humans for a long time. April 29, 2012 marked the unveiling of the top 3 humanoid robots in the world today.

1) Honda ASIMO
Astronaut look-alike Robot, ASIMO by Honda probably is the most famous Humanoid robot till now. It is the first-ever robot to walk, move and even climb stairs like humans. ASIMO is 4’3″ tall and weighs 53 kilograms. One could call it the foundation for the future generation of robotics. It took over 15 years of extensive research to get it in this shape.

2) Kawada HRP-4
A slim, fast and more advanced robot by the Japanese.

3) Aldebaran Nao
One of the cutest and most intelligent robots, the Aldebaran Nao can behave on its own and can always be programmed to do more. Aldebaran Robotics is a start-up from France.

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