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November 15, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood is not only a magnificent engineer, but also an admirable person.

Her book, “Where did the towers go?” reveals what really happened at a physical level during the 9/11 events. It has passed 10 years since the event and the real facts of that day have been totally dismissed by the general population, and even by the “9/11 Truth Movement” representatives.

As engineers, we cannot deny that something extraordinary happened that day in technological terms.

The main architectural symbols of our global economic system were “dustified” that day. The implications of this psychological operation and novel technological phenomenon is something that even my own imagination is unable to foresee.

“Deal with reality before reality deals with you”

These buildings have “gone with the wind”, as you say, but your bravery shall forever remain.

Thank you, Judy

Alexandra Bruce

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