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Alexandra Bruce
August 18, 2015

“For thousands of years, governments have prevented justice by exploiting some, by allowing slavery.

“Today, justice whistleblowers rot in jail, while war criminals and authoritarians walk free, to attend book signings, conferences and take presidential vacations.

“Governments have always waged wars, their leaders often motivated by power of profit, while they send others to die for their pursuits. Violence is clearly the State’s first resort, with 250M people murdered by their own governments, just in the 20th century, alone.

“Yet, in the face of so much ppposition, love perserveres…

“So, if you don’t want to join me as a radical for love, then maybe I’ll consider that if you still think that you can force your will on others, whether by a socialist government, a democracy or a republic, no matter the form – YOU’RE the extremist, not me.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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