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    Del Bigtree, the Producer of the film, ‘Vaxxed’ gives an incredibly powerful speech here, at the Health Freedom Rally in Santa Monica, California, posted on July 4th, 2016.

    The documentary is an investigation into the CDC’s destruction of a study linking autism to the MMR vaccine, which came to light via CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. He smuggled out documents that proved that the CDC knew these vaccines were harmful to the undeveloped immune systems of toddlers – yet they did nothing to stop these being injected to millions of babies, worldwide.

    In the 1970s, one in 500 children might develop autism. Today, that number in the US is one in 50, more than double than in the year 2000. In the film, an MIT epidemiologist states that at the current rate, by 2032, one in two Americans born will develop autism and 80% of all male children born in the US will become autistic – if the current vaccination protocols aren’t stopped. Financial advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts estimates that each autistic child costs a family $5M. This relentless surge of autism is destroying marriages, families and human beings.

    Under the enormous pressure exerted by the massive pharmaceutical corporations which produce vaccines, this controversial film has been embargoed from a number of film festivals – famously, by the Tribeca Film Festival, where it was supposed to have debuted and from the Houston Film Festival, where the festival’s organizers were warned that if they ran the film, their funding would be pulled for any future festivals. As a result of this blatant suppression of the facts in the film, it has actually gained more – not less – publicity, going viral through screenings organized at a grass roots level all across North America.

    The film was directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist  A medical paper of his was honored by being published in the most prestigious of all medical journals, the Lancet. He was falsely accused of starting the “anti-vax movement”, when in 1998, he reported that the Measels-Mumps-Rubella vaccine may cause autism. In a very rare move, his paper was officially “retracted” by the Lancet and he was stripped of his license to practice medicine, while in the middle of conducting clinical trials to develop safer vaccines.

    Dr. Wakefield’s advocacy for children’s health continues unabated with his creation of the film, ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’.

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    • More specific than profit as the motive, Big Pharma and Ag seek to reduce the population of us surface dwellers on our precious planet Earth. Our immaturity is what allows us to enable the various support structures that gives us the experience of competition, enslavement and scarcity. Our challenge, especially on the individual level, is to give away gullibility, willfully following rules rather than our heart, disconnection from input from our intuition and heart’s needs, being tempted to take in the evil by being defensive, offensive or dishonest with ourselves and others. The support structures of Banking, Agribusiness, Complusory Education and Health Care all provide us reflections of our inner conflict, illness, disconnection and taking in the evil rather than the good. A possible solution? Direct action is the most powerful action we can take. I am convinced that the most powerful form of direct action we can take is to learn and heal and then help others to do the same. Then we will know appropriate action in every moment. I ask for success for all of us holding this intent!

    • I was shocked and deeply disillusioned when I first came to the realization that the CDC had covered up the relation(s) between vaccines and autism. Formerly, I believed that they all engaged in a certain amount of spin-doctoring–mostly to fool themselves and save face. But it was hard to believe that they would just blatantly lie, especially on matters that can be easily checked and verified.

      That all changed when I read some abstracts from peer reviewed journals about vaccines and autism, and compared that against testimony given to Congress by the CDC. I work at a hospital with a Level One trauma center and was truly shocked. The CDC just flat out lied, and really did not give a darn, wasn’t even embarrassed. It was an example of shameless deception, without care or concern for the people affected. Some of these people need to go to prison –seriously!!

      And where are the media watchdogs? Where are the investigative journalists? The lack of attention to this scandal is probably due to editors who kill the story before it affects their advertising revenue, their access to insider information, their being invited to other newsworthy stories, etc. So much for a “free” press.

      The abstracts I consulted can be found at:
      Compare the highlighted information with the clip of the CDC’s testimony before Congress.

      Here is another article that should help clear up yet more lies we have been told by the scientific community:
      It is: “Beyond Einstein: Non-local physics” by Brian Fraser (2015)

      The paper can be downloaded from: The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information, and many more links and insights.

      I look forward to seeing VAXXED. Thank you for making this movie available.

    • Thank You Dr. James Chappell, your words, speak of so much we need to do. There are a lot of people, (like myself) that don’t remember how to go about making a change any more, and yet know there must be quite a few that must be made. Like getting politicians out of office that are there to make as much money so that they can to clime the ladder to the next pile of money. Just how to go about stopping the rigged elections that take place in this “country”. So that people that are for the people can get in office.

    • HOLLYWOOD you made a movie in the 70’s called ‘Soylent Green’ and in this day and age who knew that it would come true. Our Big Pharma, Big Ag, Medical fields etc. bought and paid for everything to do with the Health of our people worldwide…we have known for years that the corruption was very deep but people are complacent and trusting. These big companies are in the business for profit NOTHING else…everybody seems to have a role in this corruption…it must stop and we as a society need to be ever watchful. Our Country has gone down a rat hole…we need to fight to get our rights back. We need to see these companies pay for their corruption and the poisoning of us all…this is the only thing they understand…we need to make sure they can’t do this again as we go without jail time and massive fines…hold them accountable!

    • Dr. Andrew Moulden from Canada was one of the foremost authorities on vaccines and Autism. He was an associate and friend of mine. He used one of my nutritional formulations to help children with Autism. He, along with dozens of others discovered an enzyme called nagalase and other contaminants were contained in vaccines. Nagalase is produced from pathogens and cancer cells. Nagalase neutralizes the bodies T and B lymphocytes making it difficult to impossible for them to produce GcMAF or Glyco Macrophage Activing Factor.
      Macrophages kill and destroy pathogens and cancer. Dr. Moulden told me that vaccines also cause mini strokes in infants leading to Autism. He showed me absolute proof of this.
      As Dr. Moulden was preparing to speak before our Congress on the evidence he had concerning vaccines and Autism, he, along with 60 other physicians and researchers preparing to expose the truth, were murdered.
      It is time we learn the difference between being a sovereign American State National NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, Incorporated verses being a United States, Incorporated citizen subject to every rule, regulation, ordinance, statute and/or law.
      American State Nationals have UNALIENABLE Rights found in the Declaration of Independence specifically the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These Rights were granted to us from our Creator and can NEVER be repealed or waived accept by our intentional consent.
      In the united States Constitution, United States citizens have INALIENABLE Rights. These Rights are granted by government and CAN be repealed or revoked by government or waived by our consent, intentional or not. Just having a drivers license, marriage license, bank account, social security number, IRS number and on and on, waives our sovereign Rights.
      The Supreme Court said where one’s Rights are concerned there can be NO legislation or rule making that would ever abrogate them. They were talking about our UNALIENABLE Creator Rights NOT our INALIENABLE government granted Rights. Jerry Brown and others are trying to force sovereign American State Nationals to waive their Rights under a “law” that usurps them. It is time we each stand for the truth and disobey all laws that do NOT apply to us or if we are ignorantly a United States, Incorporated citizen, stand up to all laws that are NOT Constitutional.
      The line has been drawn. You decide what side you want to live and die for…..
      Dr. James Chappell

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