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Alexandra Bruce
April 5, 2015

In this interview, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, rabbi of Beis Medrash of Bayswater, Queens, in New York City explains the motives behind the claims of Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to “represent all Jews.”

He explains how Zionism, starting from Theodor Herzl, unilaterally arrogated to itself the right to speak in the name of world Jewry. Rabbi Shapiro explains the motives behind this and the danger it poses to the Jewish people.

To clarify the preposterousness of the claims of Benjamin Netanyahu that he “represents all Jews,” Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro says the following:

“Imagine if the King of Bulgaria were to come to America and say, ‘You know what? I represent all the Jews.’ What’s the first thing that would happen?

“Well, all the Jews would raise their voices and scream their lungs out and say, ‘What? Is this guy crazy? He doesn’t represent us! What connection do we have with him?’

“We should do the same thing. We have an ignorance problem. Israel propagates a tremendous amount of propaganda. They *want* people to think that the Jews all over the world are represented by Israel – and of course, they’re not. It’s a false representation. It’s identity theft – it’s just a false claim.

“So, that’s what we need to do: we need to tell people, ‘If you have a voice, if you have the ear of the public, tell the public; if you have the ear of your co-workers, tell your co-workers; whatever you can do, just educate the people and explain to them that, ‘No. Israel is Israel and the Jewiah people are the Jewish people. Judaism is a religion. Israel is a political entity. The Jewish people – we have all sorts of ethnic components in the Jewish nation. We’re a religion. We’re American citizens and Netanyahu is not and just simply does not represent us – he just doesn’t!

“He doesn’t speak for anybody except for himself and foe those who elected him.”


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