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Alexandra Bruce
May 28, 2015

Iranian-American, Sohrab ChamanAra fled Iran during the takeover of his country by the Theocratic Shi’ia.

He offers his his solution to the intractable problem for peace in the Middle East, in his book, ‘2020: The Fall of Islamic States and the Rise of New Political Order,’ which I’ve been advertising for the past week.

I am intrigued by ChamanAra’s proposal of a union between a non-Likudist Israel with a non-Theocratic Iran, along with Armenia – an alliance, which he says would attract other regional players and which he believes would create a balance of power in a region, where some extremely wealthy nations use extremist Wahhabism to not only control and oppress their own people but to terrorize the entire region, in proxy wars, often with elements funded by the extremist Theocracy of Iran and at times, with the extremist Right Wing Likud element of Israel.

It may sound like a dream, as if it were a lyric out of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” but the above-named regimes are all showing signs of wear and tear and they can certainly not be said to represent the majority of the populations of these nations and ChamanAra says, “I hope one day, you will join us.”


Back Cover Desecription of the book:

Today’s news headlines depict a Middle East in revolutionary turmoil. Iran’s economy teeters under harsh sanctions and its people suffer under rule by hard-line clerics. Israeli missiles kill innocent Palestinians while Israel vows to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Can these two deadly enemies ever be allies? They once were.

Author Sohrab ChamanAra looks past current, short-sighted media and Americans’ limited historical consciousness to provide a long-lens look at Iranian history. He recounts the glory days of the Persian Empire, which witnessed peaceful relations between Persians, Armenians and Jews prior to invasions in 700 A.D. by Ottoman Turks and Arabs. More importantly, Armenians, Iranians and Jews were each victims of brutal 20th Century genocides.

ChamanAra presents a bold, visionary scenario of how Iran can play a vital role once again in forging an economic and political partnership among these Middle East neighbors within the coming decade– transforming current enemies into peaceful partners in a Union of the Middle East.


Buy the book, here:


Yes – some major changes would have to happen, within the governments of both Israel and Iran for this vision ever to be achieved – but ChamanAra says that these changes are already in motion. (Can we forestall WW3 before these changes take place, is the question).

Although the Likud Party recently won the elections in Israel, many in that country believe that the far-right policies of of the Likud will have the effect of further estranging Israel from the worldwide community and that another term with them in charge will inevitably cause the political pendulum to swing the other way, in Israel.

Certainly, there are many in the Jewish Diaspora who reject Netanyahu’s claims that *he represents them* as a “people”, which he actually has the delusional ballsto claim, let alone that he represents the Jewish religion, while being an Atheist (all apologetics for Secular Judaism, aside).

ChamnAra would suggest that the next generation of voting Israelis, coming up may also reject that Bibi and the Likud Party represent them, either. That would be the hope (for them and the world).

Likewise, ChamnAra believes that the Iranian Theocracy’s days are numbered. In a country with such a relatively young population, he finds it untenable that this harsh, regressive regime will hold onto power for much longer. Indeed, this regime represents a stumbling block on many levels to the Iranian people, both domestically as well as on the world political stage, where Iran unquestionably deserves its place.

If the governments of both Israel and Iran could become less extreme, the alliance envisioned by ChamnAra between these two plus the otherwise disenfranchised Armenia (a majority Christian country, bordering Western Turkey and Iran) would counter-balance the power held by the super-wealthy, Sunni/Salafi countries of the region and lead to greater regional stability and prosperity for the peoples of this new alliance.

In a personal corresponence with me, as an FKTV subscriber, ChamnAra has asserted to me that, “The conception of Shia against Sunni is wrong!

“The proxy war is between Iranian Shi’a and Saudi Arabian Wahabisim.

“What you see now, in Yemen are the Hooti Shia (backed by Iran) from the North; marching towards Aden, which is the stronghold of Sunni and Salafis, backed by Saudi Arabia.

“The Shia domination in Afghanistan caused the creation of the (Wahhabist/Salafi) Taliban and al-Qaeda, which the US helped and used to counter Russian occupation in the 1980s.

“The Shia domination in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria after the invasion of Iraq by the US caused, as a natural consequence, the creation of ISIS (ISIL) by Saudi Arabia, with the help of Israel and Turkey.”

Alexandra Bruce

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