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Alexandra Bruce
January 5, 2015

In this episode of ‘Adam Ruins Everything,’ we find out the many hideous truths about “purebred” dogs.

It’s all true but it’s not going to stop me from loving them all – AND all mutts!


Sources for this video:

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Emily- Emily Axford
Adam – Adam Conover
Murph – Brian Murphy
British Lady- Jocelyn DeBoer
British Lord – Adam Lustick
Dr. Frankenstein- Pat Cassels
Inbred Nobleman- Paul Welsh
Snooty Bulldog Owner- Mike Trapp
Additional Dogs – Top Dog Talent Agency

Director – Paul Birganti
Producer – Dan Siegel
Cinematography – Matt Garrett
Visual Effects – Gloo Studios
Motion Graphics – Bill Bergen
Edited by – Rob Hugel and Kent Kincannon
Original Music – Sam Nobles.
Art Director – Madelyn Kime
Hair and Makeup – Lauren Wilde
Script Supervisor – Jillian Terwedo
Production Coordinator – Julia Bales
1st Assistant Director – Jordan Little
Art Assistant – Dan Warren
Sound Mixer – Ian Wellman
Boom Op – Brad Harding
Steadi Cam Op – Thom Valko
1st Assistant Camera – Chloe Weaver
2nd Assistant Camera / DIT – Ben Steeples
Gaffer – Daryl Gilmore
Key Grip – AJ Soiza
Grip – Chad Nagel
Production Assistant – Abigail Sanford
Matt Kerr
Intern – Jeffrey Vega
Michael Sneeden

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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