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    My friend, Jeff Berwick has written one of his best screeds that I’ve read in some time. It appears, indeed that we are dancing on the lip of a volcano.

    As Jeff says so well in his May 26, 2016 post to his Dollar Vigilante blog:

    “In more normal times it would be prudent for companies to hold a large amount of cash to get through an economic downturn. Not now!

    “Holding large amounts of cash – or even worse, cash ‘equivalents’ (basically bankrupt government bonds paying a negative interest rate) is now increasingly unwise.

    “Consider currency risk. A company like Apple, with subsidiaries worldwide, likely holds numerous currencies including euros and Japanese yen.

    “The Eurozone, as admitted by almost everyone, is on the verge of collapse. And Japan too.

    “Both the euro and the yen may not even exist a few years from now. And, even if they do, they’ll likely be so hyperinflated as to be on their way to becoming worthless.

    “The US dollar is in no better shape. Countries around the world are moving away from using the dollar and the petrodollar system itself is failing. The dollar could be quickly headed towards the dustbin of history.”

    These words but scratch the surface of Jeff’s most recent video, released a few weeks ago but which I missed, because my head was so far up my hind-end, correcting 1,100 pages of broken code on my website – so I’m bringing it to you now!

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    • You guys are wasting your time and misdirect your love and emotions to pay attention to all the mundane bovine scat about money!

      Money is a dead horse, never saddle a dead horse!.

      Our Lord Jesus has already said it all when He enacted the 22nd. Psalm at Calvary and when He said “IT IS FINISHED!” We now get our strength and understanding from the 23rd. Psalm. Mazel tov! Thank You Lord Jesus!

      Now quit fretting and forget about all the scary stuff… Jesus Christ has everything in control, no matter what some public elected or not mealy mouthed human liar say’s. IT IS FINISHED!

      IT IS FINISHED! Found only in the Gospel of John, the Greek word translated “it is finished” is tetelestai, an accounting term that means “paid in full! So who cares about “MONEY” when the TRUE value to survival is “LOVE”

    • Meh…consider Godzilla allowing his right arm and left leg to be cut off so he can…what? TPTB are in bad economic straits, but to believe this is all ‘just happening’ and out of their control is way too Disneyland for my blood.
      The only scenario that fits that tack is if eugenics and the decapitation of the human species is on their minds, which could be, but involves stealing everything from all but some miniscule number of their kind…leaving what?
      So, it makes more sense to consider that they will perform some sort of world wide jubilee, coordinated with the most big of the big boyz, bankrupting and declothing most of their cohorts and all of US and keeping the golden goose of mass consumption flowing and in their hands….then ya have the alien deal and chemtrails and nano-brain-penetrators and chemical saturated food supply and the guillotine/pitchfork tsunami potential and the now created hundreds of thousands of trained mercs, specops, killer elite to deal with and the blowback from their kind along with the intel community allowing itself to be defrocked and dispersed…too many strong players to put in neutral or dethroned…I’m skeptical of any ‘shemitah’ line of religious insanity at play.

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