Alexandra Bruce
February 23, 2014

This is not breaking news but maybe not everybody heard it, the first time around. It’s straight out of “Wag the Dog” and it would be funny, if it weren’t so damned serious.

This phone intercept of a conversation between two top US officials, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine and Victoria Jane Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State has been confirmed to be true:

Nuland’s aside has caused quite a stir, with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel calling this comment “Unacceptable” and State Department officials have been scrambling, to describe this suspected Russian FSB digital phone tap to be “A new low in state craft.”

The imperial arrogance of the tapped parties is typical of the folks who hold down these jobs, in which they discuss regime change in Ukraine, tossing around ideas, including the use of a popular martial artist as a potential member of the newly-US-installed government, as suggested by Pyatt – but shot down as a “bad idea” Nuland.

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