Alexandra Bruce
December 4, 2013

There has been some confusion generated by a previous post, because it dealt with 2 separate discoveries and contained inaccurate data about depths, at which human divers cannot survive.

The clip was from a very old broadcast, originally run by the History Channel, featuring Leonard Nimoy, in which he stated that the “Tongue of the Ocean”, a massive underwater canyon located off of Andros Island, Bahamas reached a depth of ‘14,000 feet’

This datum is officially incorrect, at least according to Wikipedia: it “only” gets as deep as 6,600 feet – which it does very abruptly from the Bahamian shallows – in a substantially larger drop than that of the Grand Canyon (5,000 feet).

It was along the edge of this underwater cliff that treasure hunter, Raymond Brown claims he was surprised to find a pyramid and a temple with Doric columns, which included some type of altar, from which he was capable of extracting a crystal ball shaped “lens” with peculiar magnetic properties, as demonstrated in the clip, cited and hyperlinked above.

Incidentally, the US Navy operates a base at Andros Island: Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) and there have been numerous reports in that area of USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects – UFOs, which fly into and out of the ocean) and rumors of an ET underwater base in the Tongue of the Ocean, as investigated in the TV series, ‘UFO Hunters’, which I posted last September:

The alternate find, from the previously-cited post, of what appears very much to be a Mesoamerican temple complex off the Western coast of Cuba was discovered at the depth stated in today’s follow-up clip: at 2,200 feet.

Prior to documenting this Cuban find, today’s clip goes into the previous discovery of the “Bimini Road,” in 1968 by divers, J. Manson Valentine, Jacques Mayol and Robert Angove. This structure has widely been touted as evidence of a sunken relic of Atlantis ever since.

So, now we’re talking about three separate sites, all possessing potential evidence of a civilization sunken beneath the waves, in addition to reports of High Strangeness, in addition to a High-Security US Navy research facility…

The Cuban find was photographed by an unmanned submersible vehicle in the year 2000 by an expedition led by Russian-born Canadian oceanographer, Paulina Zelitsky, which is somewhat ironic, as it is rumored that this site had previously been discovered by US Navy Subs during the Cuban Missile Crisis and thereafter highly-protected by the US Navy, lest this discovery fall into the hands of the Soviets.

Very little of which I am aware has ever been said since 2000 about this Cuban find, which is the next thing into which I’ll be digging deeper…

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