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    Radio interview with astrophysicist, Paul LaViolette with a well-made slide show of images to complement his discussion.

    LaViolette is the rare scientist willing to discuss the relationship between astrophysics and geophysics.

    LaViolette has advanced his theory that the melting of the polar ice caps and the mass extinction of large animals (“megafauna”) around 12,000-16,000 years ago was caused by a cyclical Gamma Ray Burst from a pulsar near the core of the Galaxy.

    The results of this Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) was a nuclear winter of darkness, freezing cold, severe solar storms, periodic heat and cataclysmic flooding that plagued all life on Earth for several generations. He reckons that these “Galactic Superwaves” occur in 10,000-year cycles.

    He deadpans that “…approximately one or two superwaves strong enough to trigger an ice age are presently on their way to us from their birthplace 23,000 light years away. There is a finite chance that one such event could arrive within the next few decades.”

    Paul LaViolette discusses the correlations between cyclical ice ages and the various “world age” age doctrines which exist in global traditions around the world, including Western Astrology.

    He asserts that Gamma Ray Bursts or “superwaves” are preceded by powerful gravity “bow waves,” which “during their passage,” induce earthquakes and cause “polar axis torquing effects,” as described in his book, “Earth Under Fire.”

    Paul LaViolette notes that the brightest gamma ray burst (GRB) ever recorded in history occurred in December 2004 (although he notes that it was not announced publicly until mid-February 2005). It originated at the center of the Milky Way and it disturbed many satellites and other communications devices.

    He correlates this event with the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami of December 26, 2004.

    This Gamma Ray Burst emanated from a “Soft Gamma Ray Repeater” star near the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, SGR 1806-20.

    There are GRBs emanating from bodies throughout the universe and since they travel at light speed and we cannot detect them until “they’re on our front door,” as LaViolette puts it.

    LaViolette would like to see more transparency in the dissemination of this information, to offer the possibility of more preparedness for the effects of Gamma Ray Bursts, which he says would be possible in a case where there is some preliminary “heating up” of activity, indicating that something bigger was about to occur…

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