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Alexandra Bruce
June 30, 2014

Artist’s Statement:

“‘Nature of Language’ is a written painting for and about the nature of language, an abstract landscape of words, phrases, names, and poetic thoughts inspired drifting through Raleigh, North Carolina while on walks and visiting unexpected places through a playful survey that eyed various historical resources on a psycho-geographical exploration of the city on two occasions. The painting is a reflection of my awareness while visiting; a diary, and of these experiential observations that form the syntax of its visual vocabulary.

“Although illegible at first sight, the juxtaposed characters, gestures, hieroglyphs, and words become readable through feeling, as it is my hope that the work evokes the language of your own inner voice of your own history”. In an era where technology is taking over as the driving force of communication, art reminds us of our roots and our need for face-to-face communication. This Nature is our mirror, as art allows this bridge to be possible through the language of calligraphy, I pay homage to this Nature; to ourselves, and the history of languages, which are the mirrors of our present condition.

“I found inspiration in the essence of words and their combined power, however abstract within a landscape of gestural forms and characters that serve as carriers of meaning. Within this meta-landscape, a viewer is welcomed to read into or feel the Nature of this universal language putting grammatical forms on hold.”

Title: Nature of Language
Year: 2013
Medium: Gesso, Acrylic, Ink, and Gamvar on wood.
Size: 12 x 12 ft.

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Alexandra Bruce

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