This is wild. Years ago, I worked on a TV commercial shoot at the venerable Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, where they were filming a Burger King commercial in the adjacent sound stage. After the other crew wrapped, I hauled about 100 frozen burgers left behind by their Props Department and took them to Fire Island, where I was renting a group beach house with a total of some 20 friends – and we had burgers for life!

This was after a recently-released report that McDonald’s and Burger King allowed for a certain percentage of “edible plastic” to be included in their meat patty recipe – so we were all a bit grossed out by the free patties and they were kind of a last resort, when we ran out of real food (easy to do, on that island with no cars, just outside of NYC).

This clip brought that hilarious episode in my life back and gave me a good laugh – but the clip, irrespective of it being a Burger King promo – is actually very touching – seeing all of these traditional people, still living lives, as if trapped in time, is fascinating and beautiful, in and of itself.

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