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Alexandra Bruce
June 18, 2012

The narrator of this clip explains how from the standpoint of military intelligence personnel involved with the Phoenix Project during the Vietnam War, the defeat of the US was not a military failure but instead a defeat caused by a campaign of demoralization fought by domestic enemies on the homefront.

To ensure that such a “betrayal” of the military could never be repeated, a counterinsurgency doctrine has since been enacted within the newly-named “Homeland,” armed with “soft kill” electromagnetic weapons:

“Extreme Low Frequency technology slowly drives the target crazy with Silent Sound,” similar to the way the CIA’s MK Ultra psychiatrist, Ewen Cameron’s “psychic driving” technique was used to break down targets’ personalities.

“The generation of CIA and military intelligence, led by Shackley, Helms, Casey, Secord, Alexander, Aquino and Vallely have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace. The ability to cull the human herd with Silent Kill technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image.

Additional notes by the uploader of this clip express his views that Toshiba HDTV sets are crucial components of the Pentagon’s arsenal of nonlethal weapons that specialize in mass mind control through brainwave entrainment, subliminal suggestions and other covert means.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV reminds its viewers – as we do on our home page – that we are not in the business of persuading you or anyone else to believe anything that is linked to from this site but we do encourage you to use all available resources to form your own judgement about important things that affect your life. Unless expressly stated, the decision to run a given clip on ForbiddenKnowledgeTV does not equate with an endorsement of its content.


Uploaded by 911InvestigationVids
August 1, 2010

HDTV Mind Control and Assasination. Richard Perle and Stephen Bryen, leaders for the regulation of COCOM control or assistant secretary and deputy assistant secretary of defense for international economic, trade and security policy, battled with Malcolm Baldrige, a leader for the deregulation of COCOM control, and then they killed Malcolm Baldrige. It says Malcolm Baldrige is rather on Toshiba Corp side. It doesn’t tell Malcolm Baldrige severely claimed Toshiba Corp 10 days before the his death. Toshiba COCOM affair is Americans’ right rage from 1986 to 1988 for that Toshiba Machine Co ????, Itochu Corp ????? and Wakokoeki ???? illegally had sold strategically sensitive products, Toshiba Machine Co’s sophisticated milling machines 9??????????????????4? with Kongsberg Vappenfabrik’s numerical controllers ????(NC)?? to the Soviet Union in violation of the COCOM export control from 1982 to 1983 and the imports removed the noizy sound from Soviet’s submarine. Americans might call it “the Toshiba-Kongsberg case” or “the Toshiba incident”.

I also thought Toshiba COCOM affair, 1987 was for US-Japan economic friction. So I wrongly believed the Toshiba’s information manipulation. At that time I was an university student or Toshiba Corp was nothing for me as for many Japanese. I knew, at that time Toshiba Corp clearly tried to revive Japan’s anti-America and patriotism to replace the story.

(After 2000, in the back, Toshiba-Ogikai ???? communists/socialists/democrats occupy Electrical Electronic & Information Union (JEIU) ???? as leaders more than half of the years since the beginning 1953 and Leader Katsutoshi Suzuki ???? (from 1996 to 2003) and his JEIU said Japan is in American (mind-control) war and in the face, PM Junichiro Koizumi ????? and many Japanese professors on TV and journalists on books and Koizumi’s Japanese Government, as cheaters, say rascal America moves Japan. While they have appealed Japan’s anti-America or Japan’s patriotism, Toshiba persons completely occupied Japan and are occupying the World by microwave of high definition television (HDTV).)

[color=red]The 1st book says Iran-Contra operation was leaked in Nov 1986 and then President Ronald Reagan decreased the power in US Congress. I think Toshiba Corp might make it. (I remember Atsutoshi Nishida ????, current Toshiba President, married an Iranian in 1975 and officially, he worked in America in 1992.) According to Mar 29, 2006’s news Caspar Weinberger died (in hospital) on Mar 28, 2006 and resigned his post Secretary of Defense in 1987 for the leak.[/color]

(I stronger suspect Bush’s Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld is a Toshiba industrial spy or Toshiba Corp sent Toshiba industrial spy Donald H. Rumsfeld for Bush’s Secretary of Defense. Because he selected Japan’s Toshiba Corp as partner for American high definition television (HDTV) when he was the president of General Instrument Corporation (from 1990 to 1993).)

[color=red]The 3rd book introduces Iran-Contra affair to argue against America. And I stronger and stronger suspect Toshiba Corp leaked Iran-Contra affair to ruin Donald Reagan’s administration.[/color] Now I’m afraid that Donald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease and Caspar Weinberger’s pneumonia maybe would be Toshiba’s mind-control abuse.

([color=blue]Toshiba communist/democrat laborer journalists say Japan’s PM(s) was/were killed by America’s mind-control, therefore, I imagine Japan’s PM Keizou Obuchi ????’s May 14, 2000 cerebral infarction and Masayoshi Oohira ????’s Jun 12, 1980 myocardial infarction also were Toshiba’s mind-control murders.[/color] Japanese TV repeated that Obuchi, “Bucchi phone” ??????, constantly telephoned America but, in fact, he might telephone a Japanese. Toshiba R&D team developed cellular phone “i-mode” in the inside of NTT and NTT Docomo Corp mind-control-sold (unnecessary) i-mode in Japan after Feb 1999 and Obuchi would unfairly get money from NTT Docomo stock. Or he might fight with Nobuyuki Idei ????’s Sony Corp and Bill Clinton’s America against historical thief and terrorist Toshiba’s satellite Mbsat.)

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Alexandra Bruce

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