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As if Obama hadn’t done a enough of a bang-up job of alienating Democrats, by being more like Dubya than Dubya ever was, it
could even be said that his Administration out to destroy the entire Party, itself – which may make around one-third of the folks reading this article happy, especially if they want a Republican to be the next US President.

(Actually, a Beta program on one of the web reporting sites says that the the single largest group of US voters who visit my site are neither Republican nor Democrat, they’re Independent or Libertarian).

Anyway, as ‘Blood Feud’ author, Ed Klein notes, this email investigation of the State Department, one of 6 other investigations there, launched by Jarrett would have to be fully known to the current Secretary of State, John Kerry.

What remains unlcear, according to FOXBUSINESS show host, Stuart Varney is if the Obama Administration’s vendetta is entirely directed towards the Clintons – or if it is directed towards the entire Democratic Party.

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