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    Alexandra Bruce
    November 1, 2014

    So many Americans are cynical about voting fraud that some even have doubts that there ever was a fair election i the entire history of the country. This learned helplessness is so, to such a degree, that many voters are not expected to turn out for the Congressional elections being held throughout the US this Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

    If you’re on the fence or feel whipsawed by confusion, dread and apathy, political activist, Dennis Morrisseau has a simple voter tactic, which can be repeated every time one goes to the voter booth: Vote out all the incumbents, every time.

    As Morrisseau says, “All the [Congressional] incumbents are out there in the cold breeze with their bare butts showing…and we need to do something different than we’ve done in years past…

    “We need to vote EVERYONE in the Congress OUT. Go there, MOB these elections; they’re going to be very low turn-out elections – go there, to your polling place Tuesday, in mobs.

    “Tell everyone to do this. Get everyone to do this. We go there in mobs, with one purpose in mind: VOTE THE INCUMBENT WHO’S RUNNING OUT. Your Representative, Your Senator – because they’re the only ones you can reach – and I’ll reach mine and everyone reach there’s.

    “Vote these slimebuckets out! You know, I know – they’re all bought. What you don’t know is your guy is not special. He’s not “Mr. Clean.” she’s not “Mr. Clean” – they’re just like the rest of them.

    “We need to take this Congress back. We need to re-assert out authority over it, as Americans. This we must do this Tuesday.

    “Congress, no matter what you think of it, Congress is where the real power is – and it’s also where the rot is – and we need them all gone.

    “How do you do it? You vote for the strongest opponent to your incumbent. It’s usually a “D” for an “R” and an “R” or a “D”.

    “Hold your nose, vote for the other guy – throw your guy out. That’s what we have to do, this Tuesday. We have to. Please. Spread this everywhere.”

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