Alexandra Bruce
April 9, 2014

In this film, you’ll see a Pentagon official tell you that not only are the tactical advantages of Depleted Uranium 30% better than the runner-up and they genuinely appear to think this material is safe – while others will tell you that he and all the others toeing that line are straight-up lying.

The backstory of a picture of General McCaffrey during Desert Storm paints a more realistic picture. The shot is of him, as he debriefs a unit wearing normal fatigues during while he’s wearing his “mop suit”. The narrator says that most after the photo was snapped, McCaffrey ordered everyone present into their mop suits and for them to evacuate the area, as it was highly contaminated with Depleted Uranium dust. Many people in the photo became ill shortly afterwards.

Soldiers are interviewed who testify to the almost unearthly military applications of Depleted Uranium; the ability to melt tanks and char people into carbonized statues of themselves.

There can be no doubt that the spikes of horrifying birth defects; cyclops babies and the like are located in areas which witnessed intense exchanges of DU ammunition for extended periods; in places like Fallujah and Basra.

Is DU safe or not? The answer is literally blowing in the wind – and you’re breathing it.

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