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Notes from interview on Russia Today

British scientist, Christopher Busby says that there is significant radioactive contamination in the 200 km area around the Fukushima plant, including Tokyo and areas further to the South, where there is an “enormous rage” at the slow pace of the release of information and at the officials who have downplayed the seriousness of the situation, which Busby terms “Criminally Irresponsible.” He believes people in the affected area should evacuate.

Busby says the failure of Japanese officials to properly manage this historic public health crisis is due to enormous pressure from the powerful nuclear industry and its shareholders.

Busby predicts that, similar to Chernobyl, the area immediately surrounding Fukushima will become a permanent “Exclusion Zone” and that those evacuated will never be able to go home.

So far, the death toll of the devastating earthquake and tsunami is estimated to be 13 thousand people.

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