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Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV
June 14, 2015

Ray Kemble, a resident of rural Dimock, PA, relied on clean water not only for drinking but as an asset to maintain his property values.

After his well began yielding smelly, discolored water, Kemble says that the Secret Service, showed up with a SWAT team to emphasize that hydraulic fracturing had not made the water unsafe to drink.

However, he notes that the government agents refused to drink his water.

A 2012 Environmental Protection Agency report attested to the potability of the water in Dimrock, PA, bolstering natural-gas companies’ reassurances to locals that hydraulic fracturing was safe. But the following year, a contrary internal EPA report was leaked, claiming that fracking was doing “significant damage” to the well water on which locals rely.

Corporate spin about how the depths at which fracking for gas occurs as being much deeper and safely below the water table was recently debunked in the 2015 findings of the National Academy of Sciences, whose paper confirmed that, “natural gas and drilling compounds” had contaminated underground aquifers.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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