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Here’s yet another miracle that is produced by grounding, which will hopefully leave you with no doubt that grounding (unless you’re lying atop a toxic waste dump, in the middle of the path Navy ELF communications signals coursing beneath you) – is vital and revitalizing.

We see here a test which demonstrates indubitably that, a grounding wire and rod will make potted plants grow faster and hardier than if it is not grounded.

Over a period of 17 days, documented by a 35mm movie camera in time lapse mode, we observe some dozen cannabis plants growing from seedlings. The two plants which were grounded by being attached by wire to a sturdy tree outside, themselves grew sturdier and more quickly than the others, however, as they all grew together and began to touch each other, all received a boost.

(This teaser campaign led to the sale of the distribution rights of this feature film to Gaiam Entertainment. The new title for the film is ‘Heal for Free’). 

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Alexandra Bruce

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