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In my never-ending quest to get people to turn off the cesspool that is mainstream TV and to support Independent Film (because I truly know what a tough gambit it is), I present you with this clip, sent to me by a young British aspiring bigtime Director, Tim Burke, who’s going for the gold in Hollywood and will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for his own directorial debut.

However, in this teaser for the indie film, ‘LA Slasher,’ starring Mischa Barton, Dave Bautista, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Brooke Hogan and Drake Bell, Burke plays the title role.


Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates Reality TV, the LA Slasher publicly abducts a series of its “stars,” while the media and general public, in turn begin to question if society is better off without them.

Directed by Martin Owen, this biting, social satire about Reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous, “LA Slasher” explores why it has become acceptable and even admirable for people to become influential and wealthy based on no merit or talent – purely through notoriety achieved through shameful behavior.

‘Brave New World,’ meet ‘American Gladiators.’ (This was all foretold by Albert Pike in the mid-19th century).

In short, it is Revenge P0rn for all fans of FKTV!

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Alexandra Bruce

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