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    Here’s a very well-made, comprehensive, informative, British-made documentary about Area 51 from 1996, centering around the claims of Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked there.

    The film also features interviews with renowned UFO investigators and/or experiencers, George Knapp, Timothy Good, Robert Oechsler, Bruce Maccabbee, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Wendelle Stevens, Niara Isley, Travis Walton and other workers at Area 51, whose identities have been kept private.

    The film features a scene of the British TV crew chartering a flight above the Switzerland-sized Groom Lake facility, which is turn, surrounded by a 26-mile exclusion zone. The crew’s plane ends up getting very aggressively buzzed by two F-16 Fighter Jets and forced away from the area.

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    • Lincoln City, Groom Dry Lake, Nevada. ( Area51 )..Is nothing more then a nuclear weapons testing site & future flight operations / Military. Bob L. / 50/50 to his claims. And if could be proven, Then what ?.
      It’s funny really.. Do you really think that the government would allow this man to really expose what going on there, if this were going on. It’s a military base that’s all. Night flights happen for reasons. So not to hide it from the US public as much. Sooner or later it will come out, but all foreign tourist and on lookers. Ask Bob L to produce a check stub or ID / tax papers.., if his intentions were to expose to the world to whats happening there. He’d take photos or something. Nothing, his story doesn’t carry anything. All the hidden blurred out or shadow employees are actors. This is entertainment only. NSA= Never Say Anything.. Why would you want to expose America’s Secrets. I never hear anything about people investigating other countries hidden bases.

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