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Alexandra Bruce
October 14, 2012

David Icke explains how the old Cold Warrior, Zbigniew Brzezinski said that to “control Eurasia meant to control the world,” not the least of which because of the enormous gas and oil reserves around the Caspian Sea.

Icke: “So, we’re in a process of the Cabal wanting to take over Eurasia. Now, look at the number of countries that have had regime changes or wars or are now being targeted: First, you have Ukraine,” and these are usually done with so-called “color revolutions” or “flower revolutions.”

“The Ukraine’s Orange Revolution was orchestrated by the networks financed by George Soros — and it put their man in there. Then, there was the Rose Revolution in Georgia, where they put their guy in there.” They tried to get a Green Revolution to get off in Iran but it did stick. They Have Iraq — they’ve taken that over. If they take Syria, then they’re all the way through to Israel. They’re in Afghanistan, they’re now undermining Pakistan, bombing them more and more. In Kyrgyzstan, they had a Tulip Revolution brought into power. We’ve had the terrorism starting in India and they are targeting these areas not only because they want to take it over but because they was to trigger a war between China and Russia: The Third World War their documents have talked about for a long time.

“And if you take that map of Eurasia and keep it in your pocket, you’ll tick ’em off [the countries that are taken over] and you’ll see a coup here or a revolution there — and what they’re doing — This is not America doing this: This is the cabal doing this *through* America. The idea here is to destroy America — to *use* America to destroy America.”

“Why? Because, when you want a One World Government Dictatorship, you cannot have any Superpowers that have the military and financial might to say “No!” to what you say must happen…Because a World Government tends to have a World Army, A World Central Bank and a World Currency…and so what they need to do, to take the world Superpower, America out, is to destroy it militarily, and they need to destroy it financially. And that’s what they’re doing. They’re doing it in their foreign excursions…and they’re going down the pan so fast.”


Published by TheJay4louise
September 23, 2012

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Alexandra Bruce

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