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    Alexandra Bruce
    December 8, 2014

    When I first heard of nanothechnology some 20+ years, ago, I instinctively knew that a main focus of this would be genetics, because the most significant and highly-functioning items in the material universe, at the nano-scale are DNA & RNA molecules.

    Well, as of this MIT report, it’s officially time to freak out, now. The “Grey Goo” proposed by some and feared by many about F’ing with Mother Natuer may, I daresay be upon us, soon…

    MIT biological engineers have created a new computer model that allows them to design the most complex three-dimensional DNA shapes ever produced, including rings, bowls, and geometric structures such as icosahedrons that resemble viral particles.

    Call me a Luddite…but Pandora’s Box of “fun” awaits.


    Video produced and edited by Melanie Gonick, MIT News
    Computer renderings courtesy of Dr. Keyao Pan (LCBB)/Nature Communications

    3D structural predictions were generated using CanDo by Dr. Stavros Gaitanaros (LCBB) based on sequence designs provided by Fei Zhang (Hao Tan Lab at Arizona State University).

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