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    Alexandra Bruce
    October 17, 2017

    Finally, some sanity in mainstream news reporting, regarding Ebola!

    On October 15, Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith issued a 3-minute smackdown of his peers in the Criminal Mainstream News Media for their “irresponsible” Ebola coverage by giving a full breakdown of why Ebola should not be consuming the minds and causing panic attacks of the people of the US.

    Next, he should have a conference with Governor Dan Malloy and the State Legislature of Connecticut and with our Dear Leader, who signed the last NDAA, which could be invoked by a Federally-deputized medic, to call for the forced-vaccination of people without due process – despite there not being one shred of evidence that Ebola has not been contained in the US – let alone anywhere near Connecticut – and MUCH evidence that the way Ebola was initially seeded in African countries was via experimental vaccinations given by the Red Cross, to the people who proceeded to unknowingly spread the disease afterwards.

    There are many wacky rumors of West African Ebola-sufferers entering the the US through its porous southern border and also, of their flying to the US, vomiting all over their fellow passengers in an apparent bid to seriously spread Ebola across the US and effect the declaration Martial Law by those who are paying them or otherwise offering to cure them of this swiftly deadly disease.

    Until we receive actual proof of this ACTUALLY being true, instead of paranoid email forwards, I think we should see these rumors for the deflection of the public’s attention away from many things, such as the fact that Russia, the 2nd largest producer of Petroleum in the world, just signed a deal with China, to accept payment in Chinese currency *YESTERDAY,* the fact we’re sending in US troops to stop the diamond miner’s strike and to increase our influence in the petroleum- and mineral-rich region of West Africa, that has little in the way of self defense, other than the weaponized tropical diseases, which apparently can be harnessed much more efficiently against the locals than with the military invaders or by the handful of rumors, cited above.

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