World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes talks about the criminal banking cartels and how to stop them.

Almost all countries on Earth have have gotten maneuvered into a situation whereby most of their taxes go to pay down the interest from loans made to them by their Central Banks.

These Central Banks are foreign, private entities, which are ultimately owned, for the most part by a handful of European aristocrats. This is something which Hudes aptly calls a “Total scam!”

She describes alternative, debt-free models, where the peoples’ monies would stay in their own countries, which she says would create “instant, full employment,” practically

She also describes how the BRICS model currently works and the proceedings of various high-level World Bank and similar meetings she has attended – some, from which she has been kicked out.

People who are freaked-out by her “Homo capensis” spiel in some of her past talks can rest easy – this topic is not touched, here.

Hudes certainly does sound like someone who knows what she’s talking about and like someone who has sound ideas, both as an Economist and as a Juris Doctor.

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