Alexandra Bruce
February 23, 2015

There are reports coming in from dozens of winesses that an unidentified flying disk-shaped object crashed a few days ago into a frozen lake, not far from a military base in Manitoba Canada, on the Jackhead First Nation Reserve [Indian reservation]. Attempts are being made to raise this object from the icy depths, during this coldest time of the year in a very cold part of the world.

A well-known local resident has been detained, amid reports coming from locals of having heard loud sounds.

There are reportedely over 80 military personnel surrounding the site, who have blockaded entry into or exit out of the area, where the event occurred, which is highly peculiar. The military is telling local residents that they are doing a drill, while others are knocking on the their doors to get more details of the event from any eyewitnesses.

The radio show and YouTube channel, Third Phase of Moon was alerted to these happenings by a Canadian subscriber, who has relatives in the area but does not wish to reveal his identity or that of his family.

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