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    Brazil’s Chief Prosecutor, Rodrigo Janot has asked the Supreme Court to authorize the arrest of the Presidents of the Senate and the ruling Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) for allegedly trying to obstruct police investigations. Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki must now decide whether to accept the request. The Chief Prosecutor also requested permission to arrest suspended House Speaker, Eduardo Cunha and former Brazil President, Jose Sarney.

    Senate President, Renan Calheiros (also the PMDB’s acting President), Senator Romero Juca, former Brazil President Sarney and former House Speaker have been indicted for plotting to oust former President Dilma Rousseff as a way to stop the corruption investigations targeting them, known as Operation Car Wash.

    If Calheiros is removed from the senate presidency, Senator Jorge Viana would become the acting Senate President during the middle of Dilma’s impeachment trial in the Upper House. The trial is expected to conclude in mid-August, while Brazil is hosting the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (!)

    As I’ve said from the beginning, the impeachment of Dilma, from the perspective of the people is not truly aimed at her; it’s aimed at the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT, which is why we’re seeing these new developments, which I predicted. The impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff could never have happened if she didn’t have a 10% approval rating. She took the fall for a slumping global economy and for the corruption of those around her. She clearly knew about the corruption involving the state-owned Petrobras oil company while she was the Secretary of Energy but her lust for power was greater than that for money and this apparently motivated her to keep her nose clean.

    From the perspective of the politicians who impeached her, it was to try to forestall the prosecutions against them, which I hope they can’t avoid. Brazilians aren’t violent but they LOVE a great novela! I’d love to see them use the Olympics to make a statement to the whole world about how they’re not going to take it anymore. They have the highest tax rate of any other country on Earth – and an unholy mess to show for it! They want to throw out ALL THE BUMS!

    Brazil has been intensively brutalized by parasitic transnational, corporations and their corruptive influences on its governance for some four centuries. Many in the Brazilian Middle Class recognize these powers for who they are, whereas only a handful of North Americans are just now beginning to wake up to the fact that this has been their history, as well.

    I think we’re seeing people both outside and within the Brazilian government, who can no longer abide by what’s being perpetrated against their country and they’re taking action

    Don’t hold your breath for the DOJ to prosecute members of the Bush Administration and their defense contractor cronies for looting the US Treasury with their illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and continued by the Obama Administration in these countries, plus in Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya, Syria (etc. and I think Honduras and other places we haven’t even heard about). Then, there’s the abject sleazebag criminality of the Clinton Foundation and US Democrat Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton – to say nothing about the nonstop economic warfare through spying, through the Zika Fraud perpetrated by the CDC, which is a cover-up for a petrochemical larvacide manufactured by the $34B Japanese mega-conglomerate, Sumitomo Chemical, which was put into the water supply of impoverished towns of Brazil’s Northeast).

    Petrochemicals, indeed have been found to cause microcephaly – NOT even the strong form of Dengue ever has resulted in this – and Zika is quite mild, with only 15% of those infected showing any symptoms, at all – unlike what the CDC would have you believe

    DISGUSTING!!! The US CDC is clearly on Sumitomo’s payroll, while also conducting economic warfare against Brazil (BRICS) with this Zika FRAUD!

    You want to talk about Brazilian corruption? The level of criminality of the US, between 9/11, the endless post-WWII wars of aggression, accelerated over the past 15 years, the no-bid contracts, the false flag windfalls for Bush Administration officials, from Tamiflu for Rumsfeld to Rapsican for Chertoff (and on and on and on) – no modern country can even begin to compete with the scale of the corruption, carnage and criminality and EVIL perpetrated by members of the USG. 

    The Brazilian people today are outraged by things that Americans just jadedly think of as the icky “cost of doing business” in government, i.e. lobbying and kickbacks. Democracy is new to Brazilians – so this stuff is a disgrace and unacceptable.

    Brazil is a country that has survived a CIA military coup and 20+ years of an economy-destroying, US-backed military regime, which resulted in hyperinflation. Amazingly, Brazil was able throw off the military dictatorship, hyperinflation and to fully pay off its foreign debts. Two things which have NEVER befallen the US and which are certainly among the things people I speak with in the US fear the most are hyperinflation and Martial Law. 

    I lived in Brazil during those times. Brazil prevailed. Now, having a constitution that’s less than 30 years old, it’s not taken for granted. It’s young and precious. Memories are not distant of the times before certain rights were guaranteed and a more humane rule of law was codified. Brazilians deeply dread the return of the way things were. Unlike Americans, they are NOT nostalgic about their past. Brazilians have seen all of this and they’re tired of it and they want to throw ALL the bums out. They’re DONE! 

    Time will tell if the people win or if the transnationalist/Fascists do but to call it OVER, like so many members of the Alternative Media is wrong!

    The Brazilian Middle Class don’t want Temer to be President. They don’t like anybody they see up there. They’re pissed! By going through the legal processes of ordering for the arrests of the country’s highest officials and the presidential impeachment trial – all on the world stage, during the Olympics, I think this could become really exciting show for everyone, worldwide who hates their sickening, no-good governments!

    This is certainly what’s in the offing – unlike in the US, which is crashing and burning at a terrifying rate and is so controlled and manipulated, that most people don’t know that they’re living in a “boiling frogs” scenario.

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    • Boy, who manages to keep up with who’s ethical and not in this story?
      How do we know what the real motivations are for these requested arrests?
      It sounds like a mega-corruption medusa; mind you not so different than in other countries simply a bit more visible.

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