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    This is the concluding episode of Dr. Joseph Farrell’s breakthrough investigation into the Deep State & rogue Fascist networks.

    In Part 3, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Joseph Farrell to delve deeper into the latter’s investigations of the covert forces that appear to have been involved on multiple levels in numerous historic events, from the JFK Assassination to 9/11.

    Farrell’s new book, ‘Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery’ represents what may be a very significant breakthrough that helps other investigators get to the bottom of what really happened on 9/11, in proposing that there were three levels operating unknown to all but one. The third level he describes is an international Fascist network that he thinks is in possession of a powerful Tesla-derived Directed Energy Weapon and that it also controls a system of hidden finance that has been growing steadily since the end of World War II.

    The first two episodes of this 3-part interview describe 1). the three levels at work in 9/11, 2). the blatant omissions in the official story, 3). the origins of the exotic technology used and 4). the strange presence of corporations like SAIC in the cleanup of the multiple crime scenes from that day.

    In this Part 3 episode, Farrell outlines the effects of this world-changing event and the exponential growth of a centralized power system that has established an infrastructure for endless war under the pretext of defending the word for “Freedom”, while building a police state. 

    Unnerving, mind-blowing and deeply insightful, don’t miss this fascinating Dark Journalist episode!

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    • I’d say the odds of the flight 93 or 75, whatever, were sworn to secrecy are rather long. It is more likely that on this day, where the planners had NO PROBLEM murdering 3,0000 innocent Americans, more probably liquidated them. And the idea that the “Fourth Reich” or whatever the Bohemian Grove/ Bilderberger crowd is called these days, aligns with what I think as well. The media’s behavior of disinfo propaganda (following the Joe Goebbels playbook), along with the gun grab, elimination of our rights, and impending economic collapse, mirrors pre-WWII Germany. Let’s hope the sheeple don’t act like the Jews did, and allow ourselves to be put into camps – we’ll need another revolution, which is what history tells us we need to do…

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