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    And now for the good news…psych!

    Seriously, we have the Carlyle Group to thank for despoiling the Northern Hemisphere, with its patently genocidal Depleted Uranium products, which are added to the alloys of munitions and to the chassis of the tanks, driven by members of the US military, due to its hardening effects upon the metals used in their manufacture – but which has been long known to be exploitable for its creeping genocidal effects and demonically theorized to be put into practice, since the earliest days of the Manhattan Project:

    The use of Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia, during the 1990s, Afghanistan and most notably, in Iraq has caused a spike in cancers amongst young adults, to say nothing of the most hideous rash of birth defects, ever seen in the history of our species. In Iraq, the effects are far worse than the effects witnessed after the WWII bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as the images presented in this clips demonstrate – images that are NOT recommended for the faint of heart.

    Perhaps the biggest hush-up is that, not only are Iraqi civilians bearing the fullest brunt of this hideous scourge but returning soldiers, from UN peacekeeping troops in Yugoslavia from the 1990s, to US troops in Desert Storm and from the more “recent” deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter of which have been ongoing for over 13 years…young women and men are dying of strange cancers, some of which might be more often seen in septuagenarians. Perversely, soldiers have unwittingly been giving their wives cancers, as those caused by Depleted Uranium are sexually transmittable. If that isn’t genocide, what is?

    This is just tip of the iceberg, as this aerosolized DU dust is circulating throughout the Northern Hemisphere, along with hot particles from Fukushima. There’ll be a ‘Hot Night in Old Town Tonight’.


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