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    Greg Hunter interviews Helen Chaitman, author of the book ‘JPMadoff’, which describes the complicity of the “Too Big to Fail” bank, JPMorgan-Chase in the $64 billion Bernie Madoff fraud against his clients. She is also the lead attorney in an ongoing lawsuit against JPMorgan-Chase. Her website, has links to 1,100 pages of documentation, proving their decades-long pattern of fraud.

    Helen describes how JPMorgan-Chase is hardly alone among the “Too Big to Fail” banks and that she could have just as easily have written the book about any of the other ones but the notoriety of the Bernie Madoff case and of his conviction make the story of this bank more accessible to the general public.  

    Chaitman says that she can’t get arrested to do an interview on a mainstream news show because the government and the media are complicit in these crimes. The latter accept advertising dollars from them and run their commercials.

    The only interview she was able to get on FOXNEWS was abruptly cut short when she explained that she was suing JPMorgan-Chase – and the host’s earpiece started to crackle and she promptly called an “emergency commercial” and booted Chaitman out of the studio!

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    • Nothing should surprise me anymore. But it does. I have taken my money out of the big banks years ago and have tried to convince everyone I know to do the same. It would be a simple solution to a ginormous problem. Vote with your dollar

    • Well, one thing for sure, this is no longer a Republic, it’s a Democracy, where all corporations are created equal according to how much money they give “our” representatives, so that they can make there own laws that apply to them, for the sole purpose of ripping people off, at what ever rate they can. HEY FOLKS, there is something WRONG here, but I’ll have to get a judgement from a “judge” to know what it is, now how much do I need to pay them to find out? I know,I need a Liewer, to represent me to the judge,…… never mind it’s a waste of any effort to try to correct.

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