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Alexandra Bruce
September 2, 2013

Emmy Award-winner, Ben Swann was a Cincinnati, Ohio newscaster at an affiliate station of one of the three major TV networks.

Despite his success, he could no longer abide by functioning as a talking head for the half-truths and lies from his nightly script and he opted, instead to strike out on his own.

Here is the second episode of his newly-launched independent news show, Fact Check, (which I believe is currently still only available on the Internet).

He breaks down the present-day situation in Syria, whose government, prior to the civil war had legitimate problems. This had led to a local uprising by a group called the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Assad was far from an ideal leader – but unlike many polities of the Middle East, his government was secular and Syria was a regional haven for religious freedom.

Over the past two years, the FSA’s uprising has been overwhelmed by a group called the al Nusra Front, which is nothing less than a band of international terrorists, formerly located in Iraq and actually self-described as al Qaeda. Should they win this conflict, heir stated plan is to decapitate all non-Muslims and others, considered “traitors” to their nation, which they envision as including Iraq.

It is this latter group, which has received millions and millions in US military aid (though allegedly, no armaments). One wonders, if the US were to assist *anyone* in this conflict – why them?

As a video Ben rolls in of a small child of the al Nusra Front singing bloodthirsty lyrics to a crowd of his approving elders, it becomes abundantly clear that the US has unquestionably been on the wrong side of this conflict.

More Information: Ben Swann Reality Check tells you about the real “rebels” in Syria, the al Qaeda backed al Nusra Front.

Alexandra Bruce

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