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    Everybody’s been so bowled over by the global Flu d’État, that the anniversary of 9/11 almost went unnoticed this year.

    But new videos are coming in and I will post all the ones I find that are important. This one was just posted by LaRouche PAC and it features whistleblower, Kirk Wiebe, who worked at NSA as a senior analyst from 1975 to 2001. In the aftermath of 9/11, he and NSA colleagues, including former geopolitical world Technical Director, Bill Binney and former senior executive, Thomas Drake stumbled upon a secret program at the agency to monitor the communications of millions of US citizens. When they decided to approach inspector generals at DOD and DOJ, their lives were nearly destroyed.

    On Saturday, September 12th, Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney presented incontrovertible evidence that the nearly 3,000 murders of 9/11/2001 were an inside job which led to the establishment of a full-scale surveillance state in the United States.

    They say that surveillance apparatus has been fully deployed against Donald Trump since he announced this candidacy and it is now being employed to prevent his re-election. As retired Colonel Richard Black detailed at the same event, the imperative of the impending military coup is to prevent a second Trump term.

    There are numerous resounding truth bombs in this podcast about both 9/11 and the current mounting coup attempt against the President, not to be missed.

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    • People waking up but slowly every single thing is a distraction throw your tail lights vision in the garbage think for yourself.

    • I think it was unical in Dallas where the Taliban were told either we will give you a car for the gold or a car for the bombs. carpet. Pure evil to support the satanic skull and bones and other secret societies and of course condoleezza Rice told mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco not to fly the week before 911 you just cannot make this s*** up.

    • The Plan to takeover Iraq had been preplanned and they had been giving presentations to corporate heads about the opportunities for rebuilding the Country in terms of telecommunications and mobile phone sales opportunities & etc…etc..

      They were going to war in the middle east for years ahead.

      The Israelis attempted to warn the U.S Administration and when their warning was not ignored, Israel then passed on the Info thru Germany which again fell on deaf ears. The Bush Administration and intelligence services had no interest in acknowledging the Warnings so they could report if asked that they had no idea that anyone would fly planes into buildings!

      Condolezza Rice actually stated that exact phrase in her first press conference, but they knew and were involved in its Planning and Success on 9/11.

      9/11 would have not been stopped even if thin thread had been used. Chainy had no intent to prevent the attacks even if he was told. It was going to happen and if pushed the whistleblowers would have been killed if they attempted to warn the press to expose the preplanned U.S. involvement ahead of the attacks.

      These War Criminals are still walking free. The Governments since have not bothered to pose new independent investigations of the various aspects of 9/11.

      We need Justice to be Done!

      • Millions to know about these lies right now I’ve heard rumors that many of the lead are going to be deleted
        Skull and Bones member Prescott Bush was doing telekinesis tell a communications deals with China many years ago when Americans were not allowed to go to China even a Chinese comic book predicted 911

    • It is really too bad American’s have been so dumbed down that they don’t even know this is NOT their government but a for-profit corporation owning loyalty to the Queen of England. Come Home! Take back control of your country and your lives!!! Go to and learn the real truth of your lives. Otherwise, buckle down while this continues to happen. You are owed all the protections of The Constitution. You are foreign to these corporations whose goal is to turn you into one of their GMO products and own you utterly once and for all!

    • Bill Binney is a true Patriot. He has done so much to inform us, We The People, as to what is really going on. Watch the documentary, “A Good American.” He has always done the right thing.
      Mr. Binney is the one who analyzed the ‘hack’ of the DNC by forensic examination of the transfer rate of the data. He proved in could not have been hacked from abroad based on the bandwidth required. The only way it could have happened is a local download; to a thumb drive or the equivalent. Hence, more evidence supporting that Seth Rich had collected the data to whistle blow on Hillary.
      His ‘Thin Thread’ would have saved billions, while actually uncovering terrorists plots in real time. But, as he found out, the NSA needs to spend the entire budgeted amount or the next year it would decrease. So, they went with a more expensive program costing billions more. That program actually made us MORE vulnerable and at the same time allowed collection of every American’s communications.
      He enlightened us to this truth. All the ‘agencies’ push to the spending limit imposed on them. Spend every dime, so the budget is never decreased. Then, when a new crisis, or ‘perceived’ crisis is discovered (or created), they press Congress for increasing their budget to combat that threat. Historically, alphabet agency and defense budgets never decrease. Case in point, the fall of the USSR should have yielded a ‘peace dividend’ since we no longer needed to keep up military and covert operations against the threat of a rival superpower. Nope. No decrease in spending. They just cancelled some expensive black projects (SDI) and used those funds to bolster or upgrade conventional weapons.
      We are lucky to have Bill Binney on our side!

    • As far as 911 goes, I always liked how they found the hijacker’s passport on the ground intact, but no plane parts, that fit the plane. 100% inside job, to start a war, and take our freedoms away.
      You can almost feel in the air, something BIG is coming, and not nice. Who will be blamed this time? They won’t blame China, maybe Iran, or “the Russians” did it!
      Too many rats on the ship we call government. And all they care about is themselves.
      The story was interesting, but nothing was said about evidence. Cell phone calls from 30,000 feet, in 2001, yeah sure. I could ramble on, and on. But why? Sharper minds than mine have seen more. Thank you, Alexandra.

    • This must be very old news. You just had Steele confirming that there were no aircraft that hit the buildings in New York yet these guys are talking about “Al-Qaida” movements and 9/11.
      What happened to the Particle Beam Weapon theory and holographic imaging?

      • For whatever reasons, these two NSA veterans maintain the official line. It may have to do with their oaths, it may have to do with threats. It may have to do with the evidence that they’ve seen.

        I don’t know and I don’t agree with them.

        • Totally agree Alexandra. Despite what people “saw” on the day, the evidence says otherwise. The towers were NOT destroyed by planes. Why was the damage restricted to the WTC site? If terrorists were serious about doing maximum damage, wouldn’t you take out the towers from the bottom, and perhaps see them topple sideways? The evidence suggests something not even hinted at in the above video. Disappointing.

          • I thought they tried to take the towers out from underneath first. That didn’t work. The reason the airplane attack worked is the asbestos coating used on the tower beams only went up 2/3 of the way. The asbestos coatings were curtailed due to environmental concerns.

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