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Dr Sherri Tenpenny has mapped out ten mechanisms of action of how the mRNA vaccine is going to kill people. She says, “When you inject the mRNA, the Messenger RNA starts to code for the spike protein…the NIH is now fighting with Moderna over patent rights, because you can’t patent anything that’s out in nature, so they had to manipulate the spike protein, in order to be able to patent it and then make an antibody to the spike protein.

“Well, this anti-spike protein antibody is deadly. It’s absolutely deadly. And the first three papers I went through, I found that one of the things the spike protein does is it directly attacks lung tissue and breaks it down.

“The second thing that it does is it inhibits your M2 macrophages, which are your anti-inflammatory macrophages, so you get cytokine storm and you die.

“The third is that when that Messenger RNA goes in and makes an antibody to the spike protein, it binds it loosely, carries it into a cell and causes permanent replication. So it’s like having an “On” button with no “Off” button. You’re constantly making this little piece of protein develop more spike proteins against it, make more destruction.

“And then, with this paper that I read last night, of this anti-spike protein, it attacks the astrocytes and the oligodendrocytes, which are two different kinds of cells in your brain. Two different kinds of central nervous system [cells]. It attacks the inner mitochondria membrane, in two different mechanisms and it attacks this neurofilament protein, which are the motor nerves, which suddenly –we’ve seen those people [with strong tremors], it’s because the spike protein antibody is affecting their motor neurons and their central nervous system.

“And then the primary, number one symptom that people have after they get this vaccine is debilitating fatigue, that they can’t even function in the main part of their lives. Well, it’s because the spike protein antibody attacks the mitochondria and it attacks the GAD 65, which is the intracellular antigen inside of your mitochondria and it can also attack you pancreas.

“If you’re diabetic, it’ll make your diabetes worse. If you’re not diabetic, it can cause you to have diabetes, stiff-person syndrome, cerebellar ataxia, which is what thing that you’re watching [massive tremors]; people not able to walk.

“In the experiment that they did, they took different tissue antigens, like skin and lung and all this other stuff and then they dropped the serum that had the antibody all over it. 27 out of 55 of the tissue types reacted adversely to the spike antibody.

“So you get this vaccine, you create this antibody, that’s why in the most recent VAERS report that came out this week, 181 deaths, already that have been reported and when you start reading through them, you kind of lay out what these antibodies do, you can see it, right in the VAERS report, what has happened to these people and it’s the anti-spike antibody that’s attacking them and that’s why the most number of deaths occurred about 19 days after the injection, because it takes a while to develop the antibody response. It doesn’t happen just like that.

“Unless you have an anaphylactic reaction – probably to the polyethylene glycol– unless you have an immediate reaction to it, the delayed reaction is going to start – it takes a while – I talked to a bunch of epidemiologists in Europe and they said that it takes about 48 weeks to really see the most profound effects of autoimmune disease.

“When I found the first four mechanisms of action, I said to a few friends of mine, ‘This is a perfectly-designed kill machine.’

“Perfectly-designed, because – the other thing is with that replicating thing, because with the vaccine, you’re going to see mutants [of COVID]. So now, we’re all talking about the mutants. The one thing they’re not asking these people, who’ve been diagnosed with this mutant strain, is ‘Have you had one of the not-approved vaccines?’ Nobody’s putting that together.

“So, yes, 48 weeks – so it’s somewhere between 48 weeks, so it’s about a year and 6 to 7 months and a couple of years into the future.

“So, like you were talking about the girl with meningitis vaccine? This is going to be even worse. So people have got to make some serious spiritual decisions about this…Are you going to say, ‘Oh, I want to get the vaccine so I can get on an airplane,’ or ‘So I can go out to eat,’ or I can keep my job.’ That gets a little harder. Or ‘So I can continue in professional school,’ which gets a little bit harder.

“People are going to have to start making some really hard spiritual decisions about this.”

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  • Hi. What about the Johnson & johnson vaccine with the adenovirus. Is it different or is also dangerous?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for your videos.

  • OMG. I have never read so much BS in one place in my whole life. Shame on all of you for your paranoia and lies.

  • Zuckerberg is a NAZI. He censored the leader of the ‘free world’s. He is in on the takedown of America. Get off FB, Twitter, utube and google. Jack Dorsey is in cahoots w Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Obama, the Clinton killing machine, hollywood, MSM, and the Bush’s. They want to rule the world. The CB and the cabal Do Not have the American people’s best interest at heart. Boycott BIG TECH, MSM, BIG PHARMA, GATES FOUNDATION, CLINTON FOUNDATION, OPEN SOCIETY AND anyone doing business with them. Time to fight back, Americans and our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Give up some conveniences, let them know we are not I’ll informed, brainwashed or indoctrinated and manipulated by their years of multimedia warfare. The time is now. Boycott these companies and sorry to say the sports industry has also been infiltrated from within. Follow the money, friends. Help Save us from tyranny, socialism and communism. See the forest through the trees, please

  • What are the symptoms of coming in contact with someone whose had the shot .a shedder?
    thanks for what you do.

  • Mitocondrias are very important!!
    They are alive. They need food.
    If you intoxicate the cell, mitocondrias will run to find food in other place and scape from the cell.
    That’s why you feel tired…

  • I work for the largest hospital in my state so I had the Pfizier vaccine. I assumed at the time it was processed the old way vaccines are processed then after I got both of them, I realized its an mRNA. I’m hearing interviews of physicians saying all these bad things are going to happen to people who have had the vaccine. I had my second one in March.. we are now in May.. it has been almost 90 days and I do not feel any differently. My mother is diabetic and she had her second in April.. I see no changes in her but I’m going to ask if she feels her diabetes has gotten worse.
    So I don’t know if .. is the talk of death from these vaccines hysteria? Will I feel affects years later? I just don’t know.

    • 48 weeks is when your poop will hit the fan. Did you read story above?
      You were supposed to read all of these things before you became guinea pig.
      Turn off your TV and never plug it in again.
      For future value, never use a product for which you cannot sue maker in court of law.
      And never be the guinea pig, they already have those for our safety. Bless those little piggies.

  • Bill Gates has been openly admitting to doing this to cull the populations. Dr. Fraudci admits that in the case of the Spanish Flu 90% of the people that died actually died from bacterial pneumonia. When you look at historic photos of the 1918 outbreak of Rockefeller Flu everyone were wearing masks. Dr Fraudci knows this yet he wants people to wear not just one but two or more when he knows a nano particle sails right through any mask. It’s like trying to stop flies with a cyclone fence. This is eugenics in full swing and Gate Fraudci and others like the scarf lady need to be tried at the Haig for crimes against humanity and bio weapons terrorism. They have killed and maimed millions in Africa, India to name a few. They are pure evil and Fraudci is having a big laugh at the ignorant public sheeple who are too lazy to do the research and reading. God save humanity.

  • Let’s face it. Soon you won’t have any choice except how to die ~ from the vaccine or from the State.

      • Citizens vastly outnumber the “state.”
        And just Texas alone could defeat US military, about 30 to 1.
        There are only 1.2 million US soldiers, and thats including Coast Guard.
        Texas has 30 million people and half of them have enough guns to share with the other half, at about 5 to 1.
        So, never worry about the “state”. They are less threat than flies on a wall.
        Americans would mow down corrupt government actors who think they own us with absolutely no trouble.

        • I wish I could agree with you….but your population along with your weapons are not even one death to a Soldier that takes the order to kill AMERICANS …they will not put one ground Soldier in Texas to fight one on one…they will use high technology weapons that you cannot see..hear..and destroy any targets that was ordered…either to kill the population or kill enough that the rest will succum to the FORCES…. unless you have these types of weapons don’t become foolish and even think this old BS……this was yesterday years

  • Hi,
    what r we going to do about this.. Who is helping the people to take these evil bastards out of power, & put them all in bloody jail.. You all know what is going on, use r telling us what is going on, but that’s not stopping them from doing all this shit, kill everyone…. WHO IS GOING TO STOP THEM & HELP THE WORLD….. we want someone to stop them, where r the police why the hell r they not arresting these bastards, THE GOVERNMENT IS TOTALLY UNDER TREASON so why r use all not getting together to stop them, we need u all get together & take them out, u know what they r doing & u know who they r, so why r use all letting this to go on… do u want everyone to die & b killed, if use don’t help the people use r the problem as well for letting this to continue.. Shame on u all… we need your help….

    • I am wondering the same thing. We outnumber the Illuminati and their goons by over one million to one! Where would scum like the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s power be, if we collectively stopped listening to them, and refused to do what they say? The only power they have, is the power that the people give them.
      GLOBAL-NON COMPLIANCE everyone. Shut these bastards down, before they kill all of us! If you are in the military or police: Do NOT forsake your oath to God and man to protect the people and uphold the Constitution. Say NO! to unlawful orders! We OUTNUMBER them, and God is on OUR side!
      Keep speaking out Kathy, maybe someone will have sense enough to listen. We will do the same! These monsters need a swift kick in the butt, if they physically attack us.. Fight BACK! Stand your ground! Do NOT Trust the UN with their Luciferian Trust. They are NOT your friends.

      • Because it involves lucifer, it has a lot to do with deception of the masses…I tried to convince a skeptical engineer friend of mine and tho he doesn’t trust government, he also refuses to listen to “conspiracy theorists”…so that is how they do it, they make those who doubt into “nutcases” and no one will believe us

    • This would never happen if….WE THE PEOPLE DID not allow it…..WE THE PEOPLE have no one to blame but ourselves …..we have allowed our schools to dumb down and brain wash our children and parents just stood by…this is a direct result what happens to us when the CONSTITUTION is no longer taught…the most important ones are the 1st and 2nd AMENDMENTS…… WE THE PEOPLE are no longer willing to fight for our freedom but will go on foreign land and kill better people than what is living in USA….. our consertive values are gone and CONSERVATIVES have turned to be biggest COWARDS on WORLD STAGE.

  • We don’t need a vaccine. We just need to change our hormonal environment and make our bodies hostile to parasitic infection. In other words, stop eating, run through your glycogen stores, start fasting and living off of fat reserves and murder every pathogen and parasite in your body as well as recycle bad proteins.

    Autophagy is only initiated via ketosis. Ketosis is the bodies rest and repair mode, glycolisis is grow mode. When your sick, rest and repair, when your healthy, grow.

    • 100% right. Fastening (mini fastening as well) is the key to let the body eliminate the toxins. The immun and hormonal systems get enormous advantages from it. There is also a Japanese Nobel prize and the Prof. Fidorov, but very few people are interested in what they found out.

  • Outstanding information, though of course disturbing.
    Can anyone tell us who is the woman interviewing Sherri Tenpenny?

  • There’s more to this conspiracy theory than meets the eye. Let’s not get lost in the details. This (ie COVID-19) is but a stepping stone to arrive at the midpoint of the big boys’ plan. They have a plan–a 500 year plan: 1776+500=2276CE. And the midpoint of their plan is jsut 5 years away in 2026, the year the USA celebrates 250 years of sovereignty. (Will they reach their goals?). We are being distracted. The Amazon book titled 2276CE: The Future is Calling (2020) outlines The Plan. That is, The Plan will abrogate the future of the whole world! We are simply living in the midst of its unfolding.

    • Rainer Taufertshöfer medical journalist and naturopath …. has developed a very potent CDL treatment protocol … he has a gigantic wealth of experience, he trains himself … but the catch is EVT. that this protocol must be started DIRECTLY after the vaccination … I would still try it and complement it with spiritual work; one variant is to get in contact with the energy field surrounding every human being, called the Merkabah, which is related to our human essence as a soul. There is certainly also the possibility that the therapist does this.

      Do not hesitate to ask further questiones, if you need to.

      Translated from German with (free version)

  • Thank you for every thing you have done for informing us in every conceivable outlet. I wish you and others like you could be on national TV or Radio to explain to the people.

    A major interest to everyone is found at,to%20have%20a%20viral%20origin. The non-human living inside of you
    from Cold Spring Harbor.

    Also the document at the internet archive

    Proved Useless & Dangerous
    by Alfred R. Wallace LL.D.
    in addition to several statistical evaluations before 1889 when this was published for the UK Parliament that Vaccines have never worked.
    Pasteur and associates were wrong and Bechamp and his associates were right.

    I have guillain-barré syndrome on my 6th year now. According to my Neurologist and Pulmonary Drs. and my Physical Therapist, it is one of the most compromised enteric nervous system disabilities they have seen. Mine was from Prevnar 13 which is verified in VAERS and the FDA identifies the stacking of a Tetanoid makes it much worse, so these activities have been around for a while. Download
    Autonomic involvement in Guillain–Barré syndrome: an update.
    The inability for GPs to diagnose and GIs to even admit a problem or even read an x-ray that must be sent out to read is a disgrace. When you read the effects, they are devistating to heart, lungs, nervous system of Enteric and Sympathetic systems…

    To understand the mindset of these monsters, read (for one hour at a time) the book from the internet archive as it is very hard to get
    The survival of the wisest, by Jonas Salk, best known for his failure of the polio vaccine and the evil tragedy of SV-40

    IMHO, the connection to the Eugenics field is undeniable.

  • FYI: just about everything in this is a lie. The months of rigorous testing with tens of thousands of patients have proven well beyond a reasonable doubt that these vaccines are safe. There are some minor side effects, like headaches or soreness at the injection point, but those are completely normal and go away after a few days. Also, if you are susceptible to extreme autoimmune responses, there may be adverse effects, so those with extreme allergies to this sort of vaccine should avoid it. Ultimately, if you’re really concerned about potential risks (despite being conclusively shown to not exist), consider the unquestionably real, extreme health risks from catching COVID. Either take the very small risk of possible side effects from the vaccine or take the enormous risk of the definite side effects from COVID. Your choice.

    • How can you use the word conclusively when the experimental phase is on going?
      The injection of the biologic doesnt stop you getting SARS-Cov-2 and if you get it, it doesnt stop you spreading it and that is no lie. Beyond reasonable doubt you say? Well whats reasonable? All the ferrets dying when exposed to the live virus? How do you know the efficacy of the agent when you have no controll over the the test cases i.e. humans?
      Now there is 2 types of antibodies right? that can be developed, binding and non binding.
      How do you no if the test human has or has not developed the antibodies naturally already, and which ones. So how will you get the correct data. How do you know if the people who are contracting the virus have been injected or not. They never correlate anything that contravenes big pharmas desired outcomes.
      So many questions? and questions are good right?

    • Gonna join with Henry on this one but also try and use different approach. You guys are 100% correct in revolting against governments and institutions, they have been screwing us over but not in everything. See when it comes to health (at least globally) it does not benefit the gov, nor the corporations in the least if we all die as a result of taking the vaccine/dying from the pandemic because it means there’s nobody out there to buy their products/services or pay taxes. Also why would the scientists that make or formulate these vaccines/treatments also take it themselves if they knew it could kill people ?

      • This documentary was done in early 2000’s. The elite whitepapers said they would depopulate the world with vaccines and 5G radiation. Please watch. This is completely free and will blow your mind/ red pill you if you haven’t been redpilled yet.

        I am not sure of your professional industry, but if you do a cursory search into the “Great Reset” which was talked about on live television, and is still available to watch on Youtube, Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum (A mouthpiece for global government), is calling for a 90% depopulation though the covid pLandemic. You may ask why kill so many, who will they tax! You are thinking in 19th century mentality. The elite are OPENLY ON VIDEO PUSHING TRANSHUMANISM. They literally say we are entering the POST HUMAN WORLD!! so that they elite can merge with machines (look up Transhumanism – Elon Musk has the brain implants already mainstream knowledge). If any of your reading this think this is laughable, please do more research. This is as serious as a heart attack. The best plain to hide anything is in plain sight. There is so much censorship today. You will NEVER find ANY truth on ANY tv media. Shut that shit off and free your mind. Don’t be lazy, instead do your OWN RESEARCH!! Stop letting talking heads on the box of flickering pixels program your mind. Bill Joy, twenty years ago wrote a paper called “Why the future doesn’t need us”. There is an exponential explosion in technology right now. I’m a veteran and I’m also a software engineer, and just with a free open source program, I can completely automate ANY task. From opening YOUR email and reading the contents, OR hacking into ANY audio and video. Technology is the invisible prision being built around you and your convenience that you trade is the very thing that will enslave you…and it is BY DESIGN. As Edmund Burke famously said, “There are none more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Please watch *older* Alex Jones documentaries completely FREE at as a means to see what he said back then has absolutely come to fruition. Liars (mainstream media) historically loathe whistle-blowers and truth tellers since they undermine their agenda by exposing their evil by putting it in the light. Also look at with Mike Adams exposing the foreign fibers that are embedded in all of the “FREE” blue masks that were made in China and shipped to every retailer. In war, more precisely psychological warfare, there is what is known as the Hegellian dialectic…. which is Problem, Reaction, Solution. You socially engineer a pandemic (look to WSJ article in 2015 asking why is Obama allowing the Chinese to take a bioweapon from a BSL-4 facility in North Carolina and take it to Wuhan – and why did Fauci work at the Wuhan lab (confirmed) before the spread). So if you can socially engineer a virus with a high transmission rate, but low kill rate, you can ***PATENT A GENE THERAPY BILL GATES** (see his Ted Talks episode ADMITTING ON VIDEO that “if we get really good with vaccines we can take the population down around 90%” – HIS WORDS EXACTLY – no hyperbole, and it is STILL ON YOUTUBE for you to watch.) The elite are laughing at your feckless ignorance and good hearted nature. These people are sociopaths in the sense that they have no empathy and embrace evil. Like Dr. Lee Merit said, you cannot argue sense to these people because crazy people do not know the difference between right and wrong. They lust after power. There comes a day when enough of our familes are dying, that we have to stop consenting to tyrants. Look at Thomas Paine’s book “Common Sense” which history attributes as the impetus that started the Revolutionary War… and only THREE PERCENT were awake… it only took THREE PERCENT of the population to kick the arse of the British that until that time, was undefeated world wide. We must wake up from our reality bias and apathetic attitude in order to save our country and our families. YOU MUST GET INVOLVED. DO NOT CONSENT. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS EFFECTIVE. Also tenth amendment state nullification to federal law is also effective. Talk to your local government, talk to your sheriff. Contrary to popular belief, YOUR SHERIFF is the highest law enforcement officer in your area. They have the power to kick out the FBI – and this has been done – AND it was upheld by federal court. People have forgotten that WE HAVE THE POWER. Government works for US, not the other way around. Patriots must stick together. Talk to your county commissioners and nullify federal law. Numerous counties are now declaring themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties. Any anti-2A bill is immediately rendered null in void upon issuance in these counties.

        Steps of success:
        1. Burn the democratic burkas. The Muslims were made to wear a mask as a sign of SUBMISSION since literally, the word Islam means “submission”. We were made in the image and likeness of God. Evil hates seeing our face and by covering our mouths we are relegating our God given right of First Amendment protection.
        2. Expose the vaccine as the bioweapon, not the virus. A little research shows Bill Gates and Fauci and the NIH couldn’t patent the common cold, so they worked on the coronavirus (common cold) and tweaked it to increase it’s rate of transmission, but it’s death rate is very low. A year removed now from inception and with all of the data to evince this claim, the virus has a 99.1% recovery rate for anyone without existing co-morbidities. So why take a vaccine for the common flu? Population reduction as writting in SPARS 2025 virus demo by Johns Hopkins University. Also UN Agenda 2030. Please for the love of God READ THESE ARTICLES. THEY ARE THE SMOKING GUN TO THIS BULLSH*T.
        3. Push back through civil disobedience. A “no” goes a long way. Just look at Rosa Parks on the back of the school bus. Everyone has power but you were lied to so that you don’t use your power. If your employer tries to force you to take this, it is immediate grounds for a lawsuit since there is open source intelligence that this vaccine is killing a lot of people. Therefore, your employer threatening your job in exchange for a vaccine is terrorism – using violence to push a political narrative. FILE LAWSUITS. PUSH BACK!!!!!!! HOLD THE LINE!!! What good is your job if you get a vaccine that kills you! Common sense!!
        5. We have no government that represents the people any longer or I would next say push for voter ID in the upcoming election.
        6. Most importantly, educate yourself and everyone else and maintain networks. The elite know an awakening is happening. They will want to cut communication. In the military, the first thing we would do when invading an enemy is to cut off communication so they are unable to communicate and possibly disorganized and thus easier to defeat. It is very important to buy a HAM radio (there are Baofeng Ham radios on Amazon for 25 dollars) or a shortwave radio. When the cell towers go offline, and the internet is down, unless you had a pre-determined objective rally point to meet up at, you will be screwed.
        7. Get right with God and pray. Remember, there are less than 10,000 elites that are playing the puppetmasters on a global population of 7 billion people. This is what they are most terrified of you finding out. If we all COME TOGETHER it is over for them. God bless all of you Patriots.

      • If you believe that then you are severely mistaken. First of all vaccines are not safe. They contain heavy metals that are extremely harmful to humans, they contain the cells of aborted 14 week old fetuses, they can’t contain the dormant virus because the coronavirus has not been isolated anywhere in the world… This means there is no proof it exists. Second you’ve obviously have never heard of the Georgia guide stones. Because the first thing written on these stones is that it’s mandatory to maintain the population under 500 million. They want the population reduced to a manageable number. Right now we out number them substantially and their biggest fear is for humanity to discover the truth about what they’ve been doing to us for centuries. They also want to create transhumans that they have the ability to control. The global government is to control the world’s money supply. With these RFID chips they want to put in us will be equivalent to our debit card, health records, and a 24/7 monitoring device. When we follow their rules we will be rewarded and a deposit will be made to our digital bank account. Microsoft has two parents for this and so does Richard A Rothschild. You clearly have no idea how deep this goes and how insane and disgusting these elite families that rule the world really are. These corporations that we buy stuff from their goal isn’t for us to use their products it’s to take over their market becoming a monopoly and buying up the small businesses. So the 500 million people left on the planet will only be able to buy from this one corporation. Since there’s a global financial system these elites control all the money and will have seized every countries assets such as gold and silver for themselves. Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum says that we will own nothing and be happy about it. Why don’t you research how our banking system really works right now. Look into the the 1933 federal reserve act and the bankers manifesto. Look into Admiralty and maritime law. Look into how our birth certificates turn us into corporations and how we are traded on the capital markets as collateral against the government debt. This is why we pay taxes. We are nothing more than cargo or property. When nixon took us off the gold standard and replaced our currency with fiat currency he took away our ability to pay our debts. Our money is a promissory note and you can’t pay a debt with a debt. The bankers manifesto states that we are only users of the property we pay for this includes our homes and cars. So you see they own everything already. These corporations are for spreading their narrative and cornering the markets. They don’t care if we buy their crap or not… They already own everything!

      • How do you KNOW that these “scientists” are taking it themselves ?? Just because you see a bunch of politicians and celebrities getting poked DOESN’T mean they are actually getting the vaccine! Ever hear of saline solution? Is that why LUNATIC Dementia Joe and HeelsUp Harris are still wearing masks after SUPPOSEDLY getting injected ??

    • @henryadams..You sound like a disinformation shill with the Government or some other entity!! Go back to your cave PLEASE!!!

      • Thank you I am Everyfreeman for sharing truth and actionable items. It is so troubling to watch so many people blindly following the evil agenda. Less than 100 years ago Jews were led to the internment camps and killed in the gas chambers. How so many find it difficult or impossible to believe that the same evil still exists today is absolutely perplexing. Trust, it does still exist, only now even more sinister, they’ve found a way to have people willingly sign up, even beg for their jab… their ticket to the gas chamber. Sadly, those who resist will be the minority. All prophesied. Revelations 13. If any man have an ear, let him hear.

        • People find it.. wait.. Most people do not know what happened to the German military following the fall of their …empire(?) THe Allied countries divided up Germany’s former land holdings, as they did all the military men; they all became POW’s under Eisenhower, commandant, if you will. 6 million Germans and countless Japanese, and Japanese Americans, were imprisoned.
          It was made illegal to feed the German POWs by threat of firing squad. the over all ideal was, ‘how ever many die without causing NATO raising a brow before they are released, is how they go.’
          While the Germans ( apologies) Nazis weren’t known to conduct ritualistic murders rapes and human sacrifices with the occasional cannibalism but only when the victim is children, which was often enough to cause outrage in the streets, the Jewish Communities WERE known for those activities. There defense when brought up on charges? “THey could not POSSIBLY be guilty! It is against their religion to kill” And they were released with a stern lecture about Anti-semitism to the accuser.

          See… It’s only murder if you kill another person, they say. You gentiles.. aren’t “people’ You are here to serve us, you are trash you are half monkies at best.beasts of the field, like oxen or an ass. You call your self Human Beings, correct?
          Research the entomology of ‘Human Being’.
          Yes. through out history, the Juden people have been persecuted. For what they or some one in the community was doing to children for centuries.

    • Henry let’s not promote propaganda love. What you’re claiming is absolutely false information and I know this for a fact. My brother in law right at this very moment is fighting for his life after having the Moderna vaccine 3 weeks ago. About 3 days after his shot, just as Dr. Tenpenny said, he started to have severe tremors. He is a diabetic and was already fighting an infection in his foot caused by his diabetes. His Dr. who assured him the vaccine was safe even with a compromised immune system, gave him the shot. Before we took him to the ER he started talking to people that wasn’t there, he’d randomly bark and was extremely lethargic. Now you can’t understand anything he says and he’s lost the ability to even write his own name. He is delusional and has very few moments where he is somewhat lucid. I’ve been sneaking him in colloidal silver in the drinks I bring him. 3 days after doing this he is now sitting up on his own and is having more and more frequent lucid moments that last longer each time. Doctors are amazed. My husband and I don’t plan on telling anyone that we are giving him the colloidal silver until he is out of the hospital. This is not the only vaccine adverse reaction I’m dealing with personally either. My best friends mother, my aunt and uncle, and my neighbors mother are in the hospital with the same symptoms as my brother in law. These are all people who have had the first injection of pfizer or Moderna death jab. These “vaccines” are not classified as a vaccine but Hydroxychloriquine is listed as a vaccine. They are not approved by the FDA. The Moderna website refers to these jabs as being like a computers operating system and refer to mRNA vaccines as the software for life. So basically they are telling people that they are injecting an operating system into their bodies and installing their own software through their encoded mRNA and that code is then passed on to our DNA. It’s right there on their website and they even have diagrams explaining how the mRNA works. Just because it is your opinion that these things are safe doesn’t make you right. All it takes is a little bit of research on your part and you’ll discover that cancer was caused by the polio vaccine, that there is a patent for AIDS, and the germ theory we are taught is wrong because if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be a person alive on this entire planet. You are causing harm to innocent people by spreading around lies and basing information off of opinions. Had you done any research at all, you wouldn’t be making such dangerous accusations. We have a cure for covid and it’s been around for 70 years, it costs $.60 a pill, the NIH released a study about this on August 22 2005 showing success in elimination of sars cov-1, and on March 20 2020 the nih released another study of this same medicine in reference to covid 19 and the study stated that it was effective in virus elimination and disappearance. This medicine is hydroxychloriquine and when taken with zinc it’s a miracle drug. It was discovered by none other than the jesuits in the early 17th century and was phased out after WW1. Big pharma doesn’t stand to make much of a profit off a medicine that costs $.60 a pill now does it? Not only that but the Georgia guide stones clearly state the number one objective is to maintain the population under 500 million people…. It’s literally written in stone! This means billions have to die. The elites won’t do this all at once because they worked around mass genocide with the vaccine. The vaccine will kill off those who have weakened immune systems. Since this mRNA alters your DNA and your DNA is passed down to your children, the children who are born after their parents were injected will have their new altered DNA since children share 99.5% of their parents dna. This altercation programs the dna to make the individual sterile so your grandchildren may not be able to have children of their own due to this super safe vaccine that you’re so proud of! The fact is because of Hydroxychloriquine there was no need for a vaccine period. Yet Fauci was aware of the studies with Hydroxychloriquine. He was also aware that the 1918 spanish flu pandemic, most people died from the vaccine and from getting pneumonia from wearing masks. Don’t believe me? He actually wrote a paper about it and it was released by the nih years ago. A simple internet search will prove it. So you have the lead man of the covid task force team who not only is very aware that Hydroxychloriquine cure covid and it’s cheap so even the uninsured can afford it yet he is claiming it’s not effective to millions everytime he gets in front of the camera. Then he’s insisting on two masks now after writing a a medical journal paper on masks causing deaths in 1918 along with the vaccines! So don’t tell me or anyone else these death jabs are safe because they’re not!

      • You’re SO right ! People that are getting these “vaccines” don’t seem to understand that THEY are the Lab Rats and Guinea Pigs for the actual testing of the “vaccines” !! Same thing that Bill Gates has been doing in Africa for decades !

    • Also, as for catching covid… The CDC has reported that ONLY 6% of covid deaths was from covid alone. The other 94% were people who had severe underlying conditions and we’re expected to die anyway and they were 65 years and older. Since we know the PCR test is crap… Ice cream, coke, fruit tested positive for covid. And we know that no where in the world has the covid19 virus been isolated… This hoax of a pandemic is nothing more than the seasonal flu… Which is what that 6% died from. Have you heard anything about the flu last year or this year? It’s magically disappeared since covid hit. Hospitals are paid for every positive covid patient, they’re paid even more for patients that are put on ventilators, and paid even more for covid deaths. In May of last year a friend of mine, her husband died in a motorcycle accident. His death certificate stated he died from covid! There was nothing mentioned pertaining to his accident. Let’s discuss the fact that most life insurance policies will not pay out if a death is caused from an experimental treatment because it’s not regulated and it’s safety is not known because there’s no data! So if someone dies from the covid vaccine the life insurance policy will not pay out the claim! Speaking of data… Cancer has been around for a 100 years… AIDS has been around for 60 years and there is no vaccine for either one. Yet a novel coronavirus hits and in less than 10 months they have a perfectly safe vaccine?! That’s bull crap. They already had this vaccine developed and I assure you it’s not create immunity against a virus that doesn’t even exist. How about now studies are coming out that people are getting sick and miscarrying from being around people who have been vaccinated… Can you explain that one?! It’s called viral shedding and the unvaccinated are now getting infected because of the people who are too ignorant to research things and jump at the chance to be a guinea pig for an experimental treatment that they don’t even know the long term effects for. Why are fully vaccinated people still having to walk around like they never got the shot? Why the hell are we wearing masks outside? Why are schools and universities requiring children to be vaccinated when the virus doesn’t affect them and if they get it recover quickly… It’s still the flu not coronavirus. Why did dr. Fauci send $7.4 million of tax payers money to wuhan university to continue the study of coronavirus in bats in 2019. Why is the SPARS pandemic simulation exactly the same… Even down to the tweets… As what is happening with this pandemic. Why did Bill Gates host event 201 in October of 2019… It was a coronavirus pandemic simulation and it was 2 months before the first case was discovered in Wuhan… The same place Fauci was sending our money to to research coronavirus. Didn’t they try to claim it came from a bat at first and that was found to be a flat out lie? Since it was released from the wuhan labs I’d say it was a lie. Well guess who owns ownership stock in the wuhan labs…. George Soros and Bill Gates! You are so clearly uneducated about this stuff you have no business advising anyone on anything.

      • SO GLAD you brought this to light for those who haven’t been following what Fauci and Gates have been up to for a VERY long time !! Gates has been preaching World Depopulation for decades ! He and his masters like Klaus Schwab are Totally Insane !

    • You seem like someone who needs hard evidence. Here it is: Between the 3 vaccines last time I checked there was over 2000 reported deaths. The VAERS website is widely known to only represent between 1-10% of actual. Do some research.

    • Thank you for saying this Henry Adams. I have been trying to tell people this, but all I get are insults and ridicule. mRNA technology has been out there and used for decades and has been proven safe. The only difference now is that instead of just thousands of people getting it (mostly military), millions are able to get it. Everyone should weigh the risk vs benefit, just as they would with any vaccine or medical procedure.

    • OK. So if these vaccines are absolutely safe, and no long term ill effect I have two questions:
      1- Why have hey only received an EUA and not a FDA approval?
      2- Why the makers would only agreed to manufacture the vaccine if they where given ,full criminal liability immunity?

    • Hope your right Henry, But what if your wrong !!! The testing is in house and the corporate run media is the story teller. Theres plenty of independant science and former employees stating whats arguably really going on and what the real agenda is. The WEF are making it clearer by the day what the intention is.

    • Read the India’s Pudesh study where ivermectin was used and the death rate from covid went from 500 per day to 4 in one month usa could have done the same thing but the wood cut into the Merck molnupiravr new patent sales so they trash ivermectin which is 1500 times less in cost
      ever wonder y

  • Don’t forget to watch the upcoming blockbuster movie “How I Pretended To Be A Doctor When I Really Worked At Midas Muffler” starring Muggsy Bogues as Anthony Fauci and Anthony Weiner as Bill Gates.

  • Thank you for transcribing videos the way that you do, Alexandra. That saves me a lot of time, especially for longer vids (although I did watch this one).

    Much Love from Hawaii where I’ll be riding out this insanity

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this information. With that being said do you know of any vaccine that has been approved ?

    • Cindy – you could look into getting the Russian Sputnik V. there are no side effects and it has been around and used for many years.
      I am an American and living in Russia for over 20 years. In the republic where I live there have been only 385 deaths from the covid 19 virus to date

      • There is no “covid 19” virus. It is either Influenza A or B, and just as many people died this past season from the “FLU”, as there were during Flu Season the year before!

  • These videos need to be uploaded to Rumble or, your channel is being throttled down to a point where they are unwatchable, another means of censorship.
    I have even allowed the video to run all the way through, muted while I did other things, then attempted to play it when fully loaded, still no good!
    I have Frontier but I would venture a guess that other ISPs are doing likewise!
    No such trouble with other video, except Infowars where it is also throttled down to prevent listening.

    • The videos are streaming directly from BitChute or Rumble.

      They are not hosted on my site, they are embedded.

      • Alexandra,
        Can you change your email contact from gmail?
        It is notoriously spying, as do all others.
        Go, or
        I won’t leave my real address here either.

        And, what are the papers Ms. Tenpenny is talking about?

        • I have a protonmail address but just saw an explanation of who owns it and all the network nodes and how it may actually be worse than Gmail, because people using it are trying to hide things, therefore, there is more surveillance.

          I’ve given up trying to have email privacy.

          I don’t know what papers she’s referring to. I would have linked to them otherwise. I chose the clip because it’s short and sweet.

          • Thank you for replying.
            I had a suspicion when I read that there is some dependence on approval from political bodies in Switzerland.
            Two factors:
            1. They can be forced like FBI forced the Apple to divulge some password.
            2. Chinese guys are in charge of it!
            But what other details have you uncovered?
            It is reasonable to suspect that when someone says “come here to keep your secrets” they mean “I got you”. It has been done for ages.

  • Forbidden Knowledge needs to show us the scientific paper titles Dr Tenpenny refers to. We ought to be able to read them for ourselves rather than just hearing her opinion. Please, give us the paper titles.

    • Mark – I believe you’re an adult and no longer require spoon feeding. There is an abundance of information on ALL vaccines on Dr. Tenpenny’s 2 websites…including what you claim you want to read yourself.

      It’s not necessary to tell someone with the talent and skills like Alexandra what they have to do to please you — who, incidentally if you haven’t noticed, goes over and above anyone else by providing quality information with scripts to videos . I’m shocked you didn’t realize YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER WITHIN YOU TO DO ANYTHING your heart desires.

      Dr. Peter Breggin, and Jon Rappoport who exposed the HIV fraud around 40 years ago, also have outstanding virus archives along with Dr. Tenpenny on anything you may desire to learn concerning the Truth about vaccines; a clever tool to fleece the public’s pockets while reducing the population along with providing humongous profits for corporations and investors including the Queen and Papacy.

      When Bill Gates was interviewed in Davos on TV a few years ago, he boasted vaccines were the best investment he ever made returning 20 to 1. Why would anyone ever agree to accepting a jab knowing the so called elites position?

      You should also be aware there is always a remedy for every harm planned against us, as they must implement protection for themselves. They refuse the jab by stating they are allergic to the serum, if asked. The public should state the same and nothing more.

      • Rose Marie,
        Although you go on to offer some advice, which is commendable, your original comment is rude and uncalled for. It also shows a lack of experience with sourcing, which every professional knows. In all serious fields, including the legal field, anything that does not contain a citation for source reference and verification, can be ignored as opinion or speculation. You would do well to note how people like R. Kennedy Jr. include citations for all of their claims/sources. That is why his work is trusted and respected. NO one, is too busy or important to be questioned about source documents. And since the point of writing, is to supply information and convince the reader, sourcing is just as important as what is being written. You should not make the reader TRY to find out if what you are saying is accurate. This by the way has nothing to do with the fact that everyone should do their own research, which I agree with.

    • SO……….Don’t be LAZY and do some research on your own. You want people to do ALL the work for you?

  • What is driving mankind (subconsciously) crazy, is out of 50,000 trillion planets in the universe, Satan had to be cast down to this special planet. Apparently, God thought we needed “professional ” help to F…. up our lives?!! Put horns & a red cape on Dr Fuzzy & Mr Gates from Hell & you’ll know who they are working for.

    • Heh. If you read that book carefully it’s obvious that planets and stars are not what they tell us. Or you can just look at any large lake and ask “why isn’t it bludging with the spherical earth?” We Really do live at the centre of all things.

  • So is a lot of these people getting just normal saline injection. Like those that had video of them getting the shot like Biden and Harris etc?

    I’m not totally convince on this Doctor’s research. I don’t believe that all these vaccines were meant to kill

    • It’s fine to be critical on these things, I think that it should go both ways holding each side to scrutiny on what they’re saying.

    • I have had that same question/thought…if they really KNOW, then they are getting a nocebo–they have to be!!

      • No Jack, the worse scam of mankind is WW2. Another is the globe theory. Theory because its never been proven, just like the 6 million lie, yet clowns believe just because Hollywood tells you so.

        • (this i feel is the biggest scam)

          had Britain never intervened against Germany in WWII

          a whole European generation could have been saved

          super power Europe could have sustained a balancing counter force to US & Russia with Japan dominating East Asian region

          never would we ever have experienced a global lockdown

          (now they have launched this on a global scale)

        • Right on Victoria, I love it ! ! ! You’ve done some reading, that’s great. People reject the scriptures that clearly point out that the Earth is stationary, fixed, stable. I love read the ship logs of the 1700s and 1800s which clearly point out findings of a fixed, stationary, stable Earth. Of course the “Anartica Treaty” was a declaration of war against anyone who would want to know anything contrary to the big fat lie of globalism (a religion). God will settle the matter.

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