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Dr David Martin joins Greg Hunter, who refers to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s recent threats to sue anti-vaxxers for “misinformation” and he asks Dr Martin if he thinks the vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, the NIH and the CDC are going to get away with their mass genocide?

Dr Martin replies that they will not get away with it and he explains the reason why we don’t see Pfizer or Moderna suing people like him, who are disclosing information that is material to criminal cases against them is because in order to prove defamation or libel, “You actually have to show the evidence that what we said was not true and the problem is, 100% of the evidence that we talk about is true.

“So, the cool thing is, they can threaten all they want, the bad news is they would have to disclose things that I can guarantee you they will never, ever disclose – and in fact, the shoe is on the other foot.

“As you probably know, we filed the very first federal case against the President [Biden], against CMS and against the Department of Health and Human Services in Utah, back in March. Oral arguments for that case are on July the 6th and we are not only not going to be sued for any libel or misinformation, we are actually holding people criminally accountable for their domestic terrorism, their crimes against humanity and the story of the coronavirus weaponization that goes back to 1998.”

Greg refers to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been killed and maimed by the bioweapons of COVID-19 and its “vaccine” and he asks if it’s going to get worse?

Dr Martin answers in the affirmative, saying, “The fact is, when you inject mRNA into a human being, which is what the current manipulations are, that mRNA makes the human body produce a scheduled toxin – and by ‘scheduled toxin’, I mean the spike protein modeled after the coronavirus spike protein and we need to be clear on the fact that by all of their own admission, the spike protein that the injection manufactures is a computer-simulation of a chimera of the spike protein of coronavirus.

“It is, in fact not a coronavirus vaccine, it is a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin – and that toxin has been scheduled as a known ‘biologic agent of concern’ with respect to biological weapons for the last, now decade and a half.

“The fact of the matter is the injections are an act of bioweapons and bioterrorism, they are not a public health measure and the facts are very simple: this was premeditated, this was actually an action taken specifically, as disclosed in 2015 at the National Academy of Sciences when Peter Daszak, who is the money-launderer in chief, the guy who sent money over to the Wuhan labs in China during the gain-of-function moratorium, when he made the statement, as I’ve repeated many, many times – and I’ll go ahead and read it for your audience:

“‘To sustain beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding for the need for medical counter measures, such as a pan coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process.’

“Peter Daszak, in 2015 actually stated that this entire exercise was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept a universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon – and that is their own words, not my interpretation.”

Dr Martin reminds us that, “In 2011, when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chinese CDC, the Wellcome Trust – Jeremy Farrar at the Welcome Trust – and others published ‘The Decade of Vaccination’, back in 2011, their stated objective was a population reduction of 15% of the world’s population.

“Put that in perspective. That’s about 700 million people dead…

“Ralph Baric published a paper in which he said the Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1 Coronavirus was quote, ‘Poised for human emergence,’ endquote.

“So they knew this all along, They knew it was a bioweapon since 2005. They knew it was effective at taking out populations, harming populations, intimidating and coercing populations and they did that all very intentionally for the purpose of destroying humanity…

“By their own estimate, they’re looking for 700 million people [dead] globally and that would put the US participation in that, certainly, as a pro-rata of injected population somewhere between 75 and 100 million people [dead]…

“By 2028, we have a tiny glitch on the horizon, which is the illiquidity of the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid programs, so the fewer people who are recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better. Not surprisingly, it’s probably one of the motivations that led to the recommendation that people over the age of 65 were the first ones getting injected.”

There’s lots more, here, including the impact of forced vaccination of healthcare workers and airline pilots is beginning to have and he dispels the disinformation of the Government, NewsGuard and others about the vaxx not being capable of altering our genome, saying, “This is proven in their own data that the mRNA has the capacity to write into the DNA of the human and as such, the longterm effects are not going to merely be symptomatic. The longterm effects are going to be the human genome of injected individuals is going to be altered…

“Ten years of their own data showed that it did and that is published data. That is incontrovertible, it is their data, not mine.

“And by the way, for those people who doubt, they need to go look at that project, Darwinian Chemical Systems, the National Science Foundation funded it and it was the grant that gave birth to the company that we now know as Moderna.

“There is no question that they succeeded in getting mRNA to write-in to DNA. That is the reason why the company was started.”

In other words, everybody who got a shot – even one shot – now has changed DNA and Dr Martin believes that some of the adverse effects we are seeing is coming from the abnormal fold variations of chromosomes resulting from the jabs.

As usual, Dr Martin is superbly informed and articulate and this is yet another interview with him that is not to be missed.

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  • The evil powers that be have changed the website so that when you try to go to it, it shows a broken link. Is there a different link?

  • I have heard that many people received a placebo in order to make the public trust the vaccine and to help hide just how harmful the jab truly is. Do you think this is true? It certainly seems plausible to me.

  • Oh they knew for many many years. That is precisely why it’s a pandemic. Bill Gates has been involved with this and Fauci for many many years. And Bill Gates dad was a CEO of Planned Parenthood and they have been a huge pusher of Eugenics for many years. They are totally for depopulation and China has also been behind this for years. And let’s not forget that there have been over 10 thousand towers of 5G in Wuhan alone. And that in and of itself is deathly. And now they’re talking about 6G. They are Krazy!!!

  • “Deagel is a website that has long-compiled numbers, facts and news reports upon military equipment purchased by nations all across the world, using sources such as the CIA, US Department of State and Department of Defense along with the European Union and the World Bank to compile their reports.

    “And while dating beck to 2014, Deagle has warned “a confluence of crisis” would bring about a “devastating outcome” to America that would not only shatter our economy and help transform our country into something looking like a 3rd world nation but bring about the deaths and ‘re-locations’ of Americans on a mass scale. Now, there is a newly published warning from Deagle that gives an important update to their forecast, taking covid-19 and nuclear war into account.”


    if you visit the website now there is a lot of pages missing that were there back in 2020 when I made my 2nd video to the site and even more missing that were there back in 2019 when I first visited the site. For example; “U.S. planned genocide rate from 2018-2025 : from 324m to 54m = genocide rate of 83%. ” You won’t find this statement anywhere on their website today if you look.

    Note: I first found back in 2019 via Dr. Katherine Horton , JIT. Then, in 2020 I was reminded of it when I visited the all news pipeline website. This prompted a return visit to the Deagle website and once there I noticed a lot missing from when I was there in 2019. Their depopulation predictions were nowhere to be found. However, Dr. Horton had taken screenshots of these predictions by Deagle and she put them on a pdf. I opened the pdf and took a few screenshots myself. I encourage everyone to have a look at this.

    I must say that back in 2019 these predictions published on the Deagle site seemed, not totally improbable, but they did seem pretty far fetched to me, but not anymore. So much has changed so fast (way too much and way too fast) in the past four years. Indeed, the manifestations of the predictions Deagle made re global depopulation are now in our face if we are able to confront what’s there. For instance, take another look at the title of this video and the others I’ve included links to below.

    In this world, all things come and all things go. And this is a consistent occurrence that we all continually witness throughout our lives. Whether they be labelled good or bad is irrelevant. Yes, the end of the world as we know it occurs, to one degree or another, from moment to moment. From a micro perspective (an individual) this happens at a rapid rate. On the macro level (a planet) the rate is much slower.

    I for one have sure taken a great many things for granted during this lifetime. I guess the good thing is that I do now recognize that fact. It has been difficult to witness so many positive things going away and see what negative things are showing up in their stead. I have no doubt that as the going away escalates the difficulty will too.

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Mad Cow Disease, and Bizarre Blood Clots Raise Questions About Vaccines

    Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: “Just unheard of” | Facts Matter

    Working-Age Folks Disappearing Out of Nowhere: You Can’t Blame This on COVID or Missed Cancer Screenings

      • Thanks for the link Alexandra. Of course, I read what you wrote. Very interesting. Have you tried to access their website since? I went there yesterday and it was hardly anything at all to what it used to be. When I was there in 2020 I made several screen shots of pages that you may or may not have viewed. I’ll send them to you FYI: Deagle.

        • Yes, I’ve gone there regularly since 2015 and a few times over the past two years. The data was constantly being updated and changing slightly, with the overall trend being the same; those countries most unmeshed in the Liberal Banking Establishment suffering the highest casualties. For a long time, the UK was predicted to have the highest percentage of population reduction, followed by Germany, then the US, then France, Italy and Spain. The data you shared showed the US with the highest losses, which was different from what I had seen for years.

          As of early 2021, the 2025 predictions were still up but I think it was with the vaccine rollout, some time late last year or early this year, they took the 2025 predictions down, due loads of unwanted attention, I’m guessing.

  • My boss just flew to Canada a week ago and Still had to wear masks…on the plane and everywhere.

  • Food cattle are being targeted with an mRNA injection to counter ‘heatstroke’, after the cabal killed 10,000 in Kansas in June 2022 by directed-energy weapon. See Max Igan (The Crowhouse) latest on Bitchute. A Trojan horse to get the kill shots into carnivores!

  • Many politicians and other high profile ‘pushers’ of the shot got placebos so they will not get sick from those who took the shots. However. They do risk infection from the wider population so lets say now that they will be making public (close proximity) appearances very rarely.

    • Shedding is an interesting but scary issue. Not for infection, as viruses do not exist, but the resonant and shedding effects of the toxins injected ‘prophylactically’. We can be sure the puppet politicians will be closely surrounded by their unvaccinated minions!

      BTW the dating site is now up and running.

    • Funny thing about “Sacrifice to Molech” it is based on Mythology and cannot be taken seriously. The ancient people talked in “story telling allegories”. They understood that at the time. & People tell stories about people they don’t like.

  • My sincere thanks to to the team at for once again allowing the Truth to rise for all to see and hear. Fantastic work, thank you, many many thanks to Dr Martin and USA Watchdog also!

  • DNA testing is one of the greatest scientific achievements that our society has seen discovered since the mid 1900’s. This advancement gave us the opportunity to gain information in multiple areas that we wasn’t able to do before this was made possible. So when I hear that these injections will change humans DNA what does that mean? Will it destroy our ability to still test DNA using the same technology that we have now? Like Richard has said, there is no way in hell that I believe that these morons are injecting themselves with the same cocktail that they are giving the public! They might have underestimated their own stupidity, thinking that they would get away w/doing something as horrific as this at the levels they have taken to kill half of the world’s population in less then a decades time, but anyone who believes that they have been injecting themselves with the same death jab ingredients… could only be those who can’t wait to get in line to get another! There is no way! Unless I was Biden then I do it just to kill myself!

    • To believe that they can change DNA is rather gullible. This is not directed towards you Pjamz, but any of us that bought into that narrative.
      Is there something nefarious going on with the shots and test, absolutely.

  • I personally don’t believe the scumbags that did this to humanity never got the poison shots. I feel they all got the old saline shot because if you go back and watch them taking the shots on video they were all pre-loaded beforehand. I pray that Dr. David Martin can win for humanity and get some kind of justice against these Luciferians that are all in the same club called EUGENICS.

  • I’m lucky my immediate family did not buy into the jab, but some extended family did. It will be scary to see how things shake out. My millennial nephews did not buy into this crap, thankfully.

  • only the depraved looking for excuses to justify their idols will try and defend these maniacs’ “motive” by saying, ” it was not mass murder it was to reduce poverty”

    al that does is try to make socialism etc look good by coating everything with euphemism.

    if those doing so want to be seen as apologists for genocide i will see than as such

  • I hope to live to see the just and terrible vengeance coming to these vicious and depraved monsters

    Oh, i have never taken any of the vaxxes and boosters but chances are they will of course fight tooth and nail to thwart the trials and to draw them out as long as possible,

    and i am over 60

    and if they try to coerce vaxxs even more in the death throes of their criminal madness i migt die as a result

    but of course ther no escaping justice for God is Judge and they wil stand before Him

    yes. God is love but there is no fury greater than that which is outraged and aroused love

    they will regret the day they were born

    • You are correct – 1.5 B is the more accurate assessment (worldwide bio-weapon injected).

      If the bio-weapon shot shedding is true, even more people will die.

      They even might realize their plan of killing everybody save for 500 M which will be turned into RC robots.

      Too bad they won’t get what they want, the only success will be the destruction of the entire human civilization – including the elite.

      They are just too stupid to see it.

      • What if all of it is just an illusion…Think about it, people still believe “Jesus walked on water” or “Moses parted the Red Sea” or were spinning around the Sun at a ridiculous speed, and the earth is spinning while were spinning around the sun, and the water defies its common law of water flowing at the least resistance path.
        The Jesus story and the Moses story were told at a time of a “New Age” perhaps this is their “New Theme” for the New Age. Pretty sad one at that. They needed better writers, should have hired me.

        • Whose “ illusion” is it? When people en Masse buy into the illusion…what do you suggest, those wide awake, do to stop the “snow ball to hell”.?

      • The possible annihilation of all humanity tells us that this is a spiritu al battle and the ta
        rget is to wipe us all out.
        Mankind is God’s crowning creation made in His image and the adversary seeks our destruction at all costs.
        This is a battle of Good versus Evil, or
        God versus the Devil

        • But we are relying on news that we technically cannot confirm.
          Does not matter what side you take in the global lockdowns, we cannot confirm with 100% accuracy what truly is going on. Does not matter where one lives, cannot confirm what is going on in someone else’s Nation/Country.

  • Last I checked somewhere around 78 percent of the population of the US got shot. I believe, after listening to all of the experts I could find, that all of these people may eventually succumb to something related to the shot. The question is, how long? Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency could lead to any number of outcomes and probably many won’t be directly attributed to the shot. But 78 percent. It’s hard to imagine. Every single member of my family, my kids, parents, grandkids, siblings, niece and nephew, all shot.

    • I am so sorry to hear that K, and I pray for you and your family! If I was you, I would start doing some extensive research on recommended detoxing formulas to start your entire family on! You really can’t know if it will help, but you know it can’t hurt? I pray for all who believed it was what they said it was, and not this. Because all of you are victims in one of the most unthinkable acts imaginable! We have to start to fight back to stop them from harming more of us! After we’ve accomplish that, there will be no reason for any of us to not live out our lives to the fullest! Besides the idea that once we have rid these medical industry mass murders for profit, just think of the possibilities that could change the way we go forward in the science of medicine. If there has been cures all this time that they have kept them from the public to keep us sick…Who knows what the possibilities could be like in the future? All I know is that of all the things that needs changed in the world, at the top of the list is how the scientific and medical industry works. For many years people have been paying taxes, raising money for medical advancements, and fighting with insurance companies and trying not to lose everything you own just to get medical treatments and surgeries that you need! Because too often the majority who pays for affordable healthcare premium insurance have incredibly high co-pays. So many have died from cancers unnecessarily because they couldn’t afford the emergency treatments they needed. The Medicare system is set so unless your cancer has metastasize and it’s probably too late to save you, is when they will agree to help pay for whatever treatments they can give you. That’s unacceptable!

    • Chlorine Dioxide. MMS. Research it. Todd Callender had cancer and him and his father were no longer have cancer.

  • Dr David Martin, what an amazing Human. Thank you for being and thank you for doing. You too Alex, thank you for spreading such ultimately empowering information.

  • Funny, Mr Martin’s efforts to expose the true purpose of the mRNA vaccines and the parties involved in this genocidal project seem of little interest to the mass media.
    One could argue this fact is an indication the paucity of his case. Alternatively, it may simply be a reflection of how captured the media is by the pharmaceutical industry and other groups with a vested interest in supporting the “vaccines” roll-out.
    No prizes for guessing which of these options in more probable.

    • many other current situations (such as the engineered crisis around the Ukraine) are “same dog, different collar”

    • Our government started destroying our Constitution the minute they allowed other countries like China to purchase our lands, business’s, food and necessities, our Internet and TV Networks which included our news networks stations! How can we have the freedom of the press, if China owns our news networks and TV stations? Why was that allowed to happen? It makes no common sense to me!

      • Foreigners have always been able to buy our land. The Queen herself owns land here. North American Union probably happened long ago. The only freedom we have is what we take and righteously hang on to. Remember…. Tomorrow is not promised.


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