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    When most Westerners hear about the Jinn, Gjinn and Genies, they might think of the 1960s sitcom, ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, which ran in syndication for more than a decade after its original 5-year run in the US and was definitely a fixture of my childhood.

    Some may think of the Disney animated feature film, ‘Aladdin’ voiced by the late Robin Williams but Ben and Matt at How Stuff Works get us up to speed about the many different varieties of Jinn, belief in which predate Islam and which certainly have their counterparts in the ancient pagan beliefs throughout the world. What is less well-known in he West is that belief in Jinn is very much alive in Islamic cultures and this acceptable because they are mentioned more than once in the Koran.

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    • Love this! Interesting that not only do 50% of the Icelandic people believe in the “hidden people”, they pay homage to them. Now ask yourself this – What is the only current population that managed to get itself out from under the thumb of the bankers? Yup. Iceland.

      I heard from an Irish construction worker that several years ago (10 maybe?), the developers were going to plow down the faerie forests and their trucks melted.

      Ahhh, what doesn’t get reported by the mainstream:)

    • “even the djinn build temples” is a quote I came across in readings on Agni Yoga by Helena Roerich…the cautionary is obvious, they can appear sanctified but like all temptation must be dealt with carefully, if at all. This site is not a Roerich endorsed one, and does treat the subject with more nonchalance than is prudent, but has a pretty good history.

    • Surprised he didn’t mention Leprechauns.

      No matter, they all fall into the category of spirits or unseen beings aka in Bibleeze as angels and categories of angels. Besides being divided into either good or bad angels, they have different personalities and ranks. They are real, I have encountered both good and bad angels. Haven’t seen them with my eyes, but have seen their manifestations in events and in people! Absolutely! You have to be there and experience it, I can’t prove it. I haven’t a lot of experience with them, but know they are always about. On at least one occasion my life was miraculously spared because of one of them I suppose. It was otherwise physically impossible to bend two cars headed toward each other at high speed, around each other like soft rubber cars. Yes I mean literally bend at the last millisecond which seemed like a molasses minute in slomo! Though it happened many years ago I still have vivid recollection of it. One never forgets something like that. Nor does one forget a dapper, well dressed, cheerful minster of the gospel turn into a snarling demon at the mere reaching out to shake hands, who then shape shifted his face and snarled with another voice – who are you and what do you want! I later met another minister who said he long had thought that one was demon possessed. So that was my confirmation, though I didn’t need it. I physically felt it from the moment I entered his church.

      All these categories in the clip are human attempts to describe them and it gets a lot of localized myth and folklore mixed in with the description.

    • Jinn are absolutely real. Had personal experience with them. Was actually attacked by one at the time I was taking on the banks for their criminal and fraudulent practices. You will always find bad jinn where money is dealt with. This is why there is always conflict associated with money matters, especially money which is fake – which is virtually all so-called money in the global economy.

        • Yes, was quite a scary experience. Was like a really dark, strangulating energy was enveloping me, moving from my legs up towards my head. Had the distinct impression that it wanted to take over my brain and mind. Thank the Almighty for the weapons he provides to defend against thesediabolical entities. I can vouch for the fact that they cannot withstand these weapons. They’re quite cowardly. My view is that fake money is a creation of jinn-influenced humans/

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