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    Award-winning investigative reporter and a senior editor at The Epoch Times, Joshua Philipp is a recognized expert on asymmetrical hybrid warfare and subversion, with 10-plus years of research and investigations into the Chinese Communist Party.

    Phillip navigated across the country to each swing state, interviewing whistleblowers, big data experts, and election experts to bring you this documentary about the 2020 Election.

    This is the first investigative documentary on election integrity in the 2020 US presidential election. The Epoch Times’ investigative team presents to you a detailed investigative report.

    On Election Night, Nov. 3, an assortment of anomalies were observed, followed by an increasing barrage of election fraud allegations on social media. As the election’s integrity continued to be questioned and the “Stop the Steal” movement gained momentum with the American public, mainstream media stuck to a one-sided narrative, calling the 2020 election the most secure in American history and silencing conflicting voices.

    The Epoch Times’ investigative team quickly went to work after Election Night.

    The results of the 2020 election will not only decide the future of the United States, they also determine the future of the world.


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The most important point of suppression, of course, is the fact there is no scientific proof that a virus, labeled  SARS-Cov-2 exists, as Dr Andrew Kaufman, among others, has been patiently and endlessly explaining from the beginning. For one of his more recent explanations, watch ‘ZERO Evidence that COVID Fulfills Koch’s 4 Germ Theory Postulates – Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Sayer Ji’.

      International tort lawsuit against bogus PCR testing:

      Remarkably, in the instruction manuals of PCR tests we can also read that they are not intended as a diagnostic test, as for instance in those by Altona Diagnostics and Creative Diagnostics[5].

      To quote another one, in the product announcement of the LightMix Modular Assays produced by TIB Molbiol — which were developed using the Corman et al. protocol — and distributed by Roche we can read:

      “These assays are not intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of coronavirus infection”


      “For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.”

      CDC was hiring for quarantine personal back in 2019:

    • Why then isn’t this enough for the Supreme Court to take this on? Why aren’t Americans out in the streets screaming “fraud”?

    • I had to look up The Epoch Times. Founded and run by Chinese dissident quasi religious group Falun Gong. These are deep waters and any patriotic American had better stay away.

      There is no evidence that anything big was wrong with this election. Trump is the Trickster God. He’s laughing at all of us. And he’s destroying America for fun.

      If Americans want to save what was once a great country, they’d better start listening and watching carefully to all points of view, not just the ones that reinforce what they want to believe.

      • Why are you bothering to comment on something you seem to have worked assiduously to remain ignorant concerning? If you know any history of the Falun Gong, they’re not militants, they’re a religious sect severely persecuted in China, their cause is just. They’re imprisoned and used for organ harvesting, due to their healthy lifestyle practices. Should their voices be silenced because China’s CCP works viciously to eradicate them & their beliefs? What disgusting world is yours? Keep it far from me!
        How could you so blatantly ignore well-documented evidence, not just from the Epoch Times but hundreds of other sources? You prefer the lie, you live the lie, the lie will be your downfall.

    • Dearest Alexandra,

      I have now watched this investigative video, which was, without doubt, the most convincing evidence I have seen of the CCP’s determination to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

      I can but hope the message I posted below is talking in terms of days or weeks and not months or years in terms of the end game stages.

      God Bless America and may Donald Trump have the determination and support to win this despicable war?

      • Yo Christopher?

        Big Hugs for you.
        I want to be honest here. If it wasn’t for this platform , The Awakening. And Q drops. Etc. Etc. I probably would have given up already. The years that you all spent investigating, traveling. Posting. Hours of videos. Journaling. The list goes on and on. Just for the AMERICAN PEOPLE is amazing. I believe I got this right when I say this…- America- it’s understandably some of you disagree or are confused. President Trump isn’t a Suit and Tie Stiff President. He acts like a Suit and Tie Stiff Thug. Like an average person with a thick wallet walking down the street . Right? No! Difference is Trump would say hi as he passed. No other president looked us the AMERICAN PEOPLE in the eyes and spoke to US the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Trump talks . He asks our opinion. He dances. He invites US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to visit the white house. He hears the radio talking about a wife who can’t get her husband to a hospital across states . Trump uses HIS sources and ways of transportation to make it HAPPEN BEFORE HIS TERM IN WH. Just an example OF MANY powerful meaningful heartfull things he has done, for people he never met.
        Point is Trump is no different then your neighbor. Then your in-laws. He is an billionier
        That knows his shit. Because of his status he was able to see alot of corruption in our system. From top to bottom.
        He came into office with the goal to bring this forward to the eyes of the people. He dropped many many hints along the way. As the corrupt picked up on the hints. They went in attack mode. NOTICE the censoring against this. Because AMERICA it’s real. THINK— Trump isn’t the one doing that. .Trump made us aware of the “”fake news””hint.
        The plandemic.. Trump didn’t take it as serious he said he was looking out for us. AMERICA ITS FAKE. . Yes it’s a bad virus no doubt. But it’s no call for masks or a pandemic. . Hundreds of people are dieing from the vaccines. The video proves it went thru the FDA in matter of hours. It’s proof using a vaccine made many years ago for animals. They add to it as needed using it as a platform for their upcoming viruses. They just change the name. Trump having covid. Cured in days??? **Hint** tracing for contacts with virus. Is now called VACCINE TRACING so they know what vaccine you got??? !!! The vaccine that came out 3 days after election. ** Hint**
        Pedophiles.. TRUMP made us aware of this. Videos online of podesta torchuring a little girl. Asking her to say his name JOHN. you can’t deny that. THIS IS REAL. **Hint** I’m going to post this and continue in a reply on this

        • The impeachment. . ? Hillary? Because of the left they buried themself . Obama to the light From hillarys investigation. HINT BIDEN. ELITES. PIZZA GATE. Etc etc. Hint hint hint. CIA. FEDS. COURTS. Connections from votes dominion CHINA . Government officials WE VOTED IN. Do I REALLY NEED SAY MORE.
          This is all happening on Trump’s watch . BECAUSE ITS TRUE.
          The most IMPORTANT thing you need to see if anything is.. TRUMP is not doing this. He is not connected to any way shape or form .. EXCEPT for letting it fall out in place. By the people responsible for it. Trump threw and throws this in their laps daily. Their actions in TRYING TO COVER IT UP..thru media. Voting. Thru riots. Thru CORONAVIRUS has caused them to panic and bury themselves. The brain wash they talk about is true. The deaths. Masks. Truth is just the lack of O2 will cause you to believe and obey.
          I ask you.. who are the people in the videos. The pics. The laptops. The voting polls. The states the votes are corrupt. The videos of pedophiles. The funding of the vaccines. The funding if the virus. THE PATENTs of the hiv. Dna. Hep. Etc.etc. that our vaccines are made in?? CDC. FAUCI. GATES. the CHEMTRAILS dropping it on us. GATES. it’s all out there. Gates. Clinton. Biden. Obama. The soros. Gore. Etc. Etc. Agenda 21 everything in this posts are true. Look them up. Not in google either. Now listen.. This is happening under Trump because he is laying this out for us to see . Letting it happen. It’s going slow. The more hints he puts out the faster it speeds up. He is now on a time limit. He is now going FULL FORCE. He could have arrested and prisoned. But that would have caused a hugh war of blood shed. He needed for AMERICANS to see this with their own eyes. It took this long for most to start seeing the corruption. We now know what needs to be done. TRUMP DID THIS FOR US. But look at what he went thru for us. Everyday.. EVERYDAY. One more time EVERYDAY for 4 years he was mentally torchured . Physically drained. Took the stabs. Took the slander. Took the censoring . EVERYDAY for 4 years. This made him look like an idiot doing nothing for our country. Blamed for it all. Yet he can’t say or do against it. His way of opening our eyes. Letting it fall into place by their own actions. AND DID THIS TO SAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF FREEDOM WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA.
          ps. Could you imagine what would be happening right now if Trump took them down one by one? Trump taking this entire mob down one by one. Unimaginable.
          So my advice to u all is.. go grocery shopping.
          Don’t forget water. Dry goods. Medical needs. Aspirin. Sanitary batteries. Etc.
          JUST IN CASE. JUST PREPARE. Our streets are war zone already. I don’t think I need say more. Internet probably down for few days. HELPS WITH DEFENCE COMMUNICATION . unable for them to contact and plan revenge. THIS MUST TAKE ACTION NOW. IF NOT THEY WILL STEAL OUR NATION OUR RIGHTS OUR USA.
          Psd. If Biden truly won. As a leader he would be along side Trump trying to save our country from this happening. And would have no problem auditing the machines. A true honest person would be standing and telling them to do the audit. After all it’s ONLY 800 MILLION+ AMERICAN PEOPLE WHOSE VOTES WERE STOLEN. THATS ALL NO BIG DEAL RIGHT??
          STAY SAFE
          GOD BLESS
          Best New Years Ever

          • One more thing. I have the docs. Showing the FDA and vaccine makers . Law docs. Etc. Showing their communication. The makings of the vaccine and virus. The new virus UNNAMED yet. The names and renaming of the virus and vaccine. PATENTs etc. I’ll put them in a file of itself and will share. Give me time to locate all in my many files and transfer to one file . Let me know if interested. . Just flood the internet with it. All are on letterhead and trusted sites. U will see.

    • Sounds like the epoch time is getting into yellow peril revival borderline nazi like and losing respect from the critical thinkers and common sense endowed people…

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I was advised this, yesterday, by one rather arrogant individual within ACIO. I believe it may be of interest to you?

      “We are in the end game stages. Stellar marker is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on the 21st December. Some calling it the new star of Bethlehem. It is also the correct end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. 2012 was incorrect is all I need say. Not the end of the world either.”

      I have as of today, cut all ties with the organisation.

      • Christopher, you are on the ball! The Mayan calendar was correct however…2012 was the end of the “global elite’s” world, AND the world as we knew it! We ARE living on what is now known as the “New Earth”! As difficult as it is still sometimes to believe, but I’ve witnessed miracles occurring on almost a DAILY basis! And tomorrow night is going to be an enormous miracle! Today, we are employing only 2 strands of DNA. I believe that the day after tomorrow, much of humanity will be utilizing at least some of the energetic DNA as well! (or, what “scientists” call “junk DNA”). I guess we shall see how junky it is! LOL! Here’s to the Age of Aquarius! AND, the wonderful “New Earth”! It is an AMAZING time to be alive!! #LoveandLight

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